Are There Seriously Rich Fools Who Flaunt Their Privilege?

Joe Biden – Another Marie Antoinette Remark from the Dems

I around here I hear the phrase, “Eat steak everyday,” and see people making sissy gestures in response to people who seem “too fancy”.  I don’t know. I guess it’s nobody’s business how people live, and if they want to eat out everyday, have servants do their bidding all the time even though they’re not disabled or shorthanded, then who am I to judge?

I was raised to be “too proud to be fancy”. However, I have to admit that if I have enough money to avoid cooking, then I’d rather not cook. But if someone is buying microwavable meals, isn’t that the same as eating out at fast food joints? Fast food outlets, though not fancy, are an example of places where if you eat there all the time, give off vibes of being sort of fancy and definitely lazy. But this is the blog for judging people all the time LOL.

BTW: You can be a man who makes his wife make the food and still say you’re a “man of the people,” but that’s assuming you get off your ass and work 8-hour shifts everyday!

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6 thoughts on “Are There Seriously Rich Fools Who Flaunt Their Privilege?”

  1. I still think cooking and cleaning is for women. I get all my laundry handled by professionals. In the Third World, anyone can afford their services.

    I mostly eat out or microwave my meals. These days I’m crashing with people so that they feed me for free. I’ve become sort of an expert at scoring free meals.

    1. I think men should be able to clean if they have to do it. It’s part of being a man, at least in the US.

      Well, the military is huge on cleaning, and they’re all about “being a man”.

      1. LOL I know how to clean up especially if I’m crashing in another person’s home. I leave it in the condition it came.

        I’m just lazy in my own pad.

        I just don’t do my own laundry as I’m allergic to detergents.

        I have an unused Kenmore steam iron. 2500 W. Do you want it? $40 and I will cover the USA courier fees.

        1. Well, I don’t like ass-wipes – usually former military (or children of them) – who are obsessed with cleaning – usually to hide other major faults.

          My place is normally clean – but it’s not Marine clean. But, seriously, why bother with Marine clean – if you’re not in the military or a hospital where it’s life or death?

          1. Feminine is the topless Latina maid.

            Masculine is the guy chasing her around his house with a machete sized hard-on.

  2. Masculine energy is natural and exists within all the races of man. Hardworking emotionless yellow robots. Black barbarians of the jungle. The strong rape, murder, and then eat the weak. White inventiveness, Indo-European military might, European Colonialism. Conquering the World.

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