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Warning: Possible spoilers also in comments.

Steve Jobs Biography Spoiler

Most of your right-wingers wouldn’t like him – cause he’s one of these hippie, techno elitists (He even traveled to India, did drugs, walked barefoot at college etc..).

However, though, he’s not of them – that would boss others around – unless they’re in the company (He does that for sure!).  I mean, Bill Gates – according to what @Robert Lindsay has said, has forced his stuff on so many people – and now he’s also playing god like – Oprah, Ted Turner etc..

So my conclusion – is I’d rather buy an Apple, but honestly I haven’t never bought one – but I liked the Steve Jobs movie – which I just recently saw – even though it was made in 2013.

OK, for laughs, are your serious that he never bathed at his job at Atari? He was called out for that – and for being a general asshole.

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5 thoughts on “Steve Jobs”

  1. I’m no Apple fanboy but I admire the real Steve Jobs (RIP!). He really changed the world with the 1984 Macintosh computer (I was in my nappies though back then). It was unconditional labor of love.

    I haven’t seen “Jobs” the movie. Instead I recommend “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” which is from 1999. I simply love this movie. They made Jobs look like an evil cult leader and Bill Gates a psychopathic criminal.

    Here’s the scene where Jobs confronts Bill Gates for stealing Apple programs and inserting their replicas in Windows. Paint is one of the examples: it was originally conceived by Steve Jobs and pirated by Bill Gates who successfully passed it as a Microsoft product.

    1. Some stuff would be better off made “open source”. I mean, copyrighting Paint is like copyrighting the wheel. I can see how some major stuff needs protection, though.

      Anyway, playing the devil’s advocate, if Apple could have monopolized everything, would they have done it using copyrights?

      1. Personal computers certainly wouldn’t have gotten any cheaper in the ’90s had Steve Jobs held exclusive sway over the industry. We can certainly thank Bill Gates for commoditizing computers and making them more affordable and user-friendly for the masses.

        I still can’t afford an iPhone after all these years. So I’d have never made a consumer for Apple.

        As recently as 2018 I felt rejected by Apple fanboys at one of their flagship stores. As if they subconsciously knew I’m not one of their customers. I remember the frosty stares and condescending tone of their sales assistants. They still refuse to market their products to Windows users: we are like the “muggles” or “mudbloods” in a world of “pure blood” Apple wizards.

        They are still a cult after all these years. Jobs thought Bill Gates had zero creativity and imagination. The level of hate Apple fanboys have for Windows users borders on the genocidal, particularly under their new fag CEO, Tim Cook.

        Yes, there was always Linux but it was only for nerds and hard core techies. Only in the new millennium have they come up with all the user-friendly distros. Only now can I work with Arch Linux, Raspbian, and a few others as long as I run them with Windows in dual boot mode.

        However we might be giving too much credit to Bill Gates. He was a ruthless businessman who killed all competitors to establish his monopoly. If Bill Gates were not there, some open source entrepreneur would have come with a better alternative to Microsoft products.

          1. LOL

            Of course you would. But Apple isn’t the glorious rebel anymore: that narrative died in the last century.

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