Joe Biden – Another Marie Antoinette Remark from the Dems

Hill.TV host Saagar Enjeti ripped former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday for saying that coal miners should learn how to code.

Enjeti argued that Biden is making the same mistakes former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made in the 2016 election. “His answer belies the utter contempt for the dignity of real work in this country, and it buys into a false narrative that coding is the highest achievement that one can have in America,” Enjeti said.

Yeah, learn to code, that’s it.  Good going, Joe. That’s not mean like Hillary’s deplorable remark, but it’s certainly retarded.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden – Another Marie Antoinette Remark from the Dems”

  1. He isn’t totally off the mark. I mean the next generation of humans will be dependent on the Internet of Things. Everyone’s got to learn to code to survive in this upcoming era, including the miners. The coding won’t be as difficult as Java, C++, or HTML, but it will be just enough for us to get through our lives.

    There’s a whole new world we’re entering into: artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, voice recognition technologies, machine learning, and big data, and at the moment no one is able to visualize the consequences. Forty years ago, it was an inconceivable idea that all human beings would be operating pocket-sized computers.

    Having said this, I don’t think Joe Biden had any clue when he made that insensitive remark. Indeed, it seems this was his Marie Antoinette moment.

    Trivia: What did the real Marie Antoinette really mean when she said: “Let them eat cake”? It turns out she never really made that callous remark.

    The actual quote “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” was conceived by Rousseau in 1767, being attributed to a great unnamed princess. Totally different context. Somebody in the French Revolution hijacked that meaning and spread the rumor about that unfortunate Queen. But it didn’t really stick until 1843.

    1. New right wing t-shirt “LEARN THIS CODE (middle finger picture) MOTHER_FUC$ER” – for sale in the gun aisle.

      Yeah, @SHI – good research there. Surprised that wasn’t a real comment.

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