Are Modern Men Wimpy and/or Girly Looking?

Well, judging by the beards and tattoos, I’d say no, but many on this blog have commented to contrary.

O.K., what is wrong with this picture?

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4 thoughts on “Are Modern Men Wimpy and/or Girly Looking?”

  1. It’s what’s under the hood of a car that matters, not decals or fur bras on the front end. Even female to male transgenders often get shitty beards and tats. They are still in no real way men. Just extra-ugly butch dykes. Compare the modern Desmond Is Amazing to good ol’ John Wayne. That’s the difference.

    1. Tats used to mean something but a fad means nothing. Are these people doing this from the heart, or are they just conforming?

  2. Modern men look way tougher. I don’t think tattoos were as popular thirty years ago. Also, nowadays everyone’s so beefed up they look they were practically born in a gym. What is in currency is an unnatural “beefcake” look I see everywhere; all modern men basically want to be replicas of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There’s no uniqueness.

    Deep down, most men nowadays are wimpier than past generations. They don’t have the balls to strike a conversation with a new girl, and they even walk on eggshells with their existing girlfriends if they ever land one. They APOLOGIZE all the time for things they didn’t even do.

    What good is pumping iron when you can’t be a proper heterosexual man?

    I have rarely been in a gym. I just think they’re overrated unless you are a weightlifter or wrestler. I used to play tennis and still enjoy swimming.

    Each day I wake up I can’t thank God enough for making me a CONFIDENT man.

    1. Apologizing for things they didn’t do is too much! It’s O.K. to apologize though, assuming it’s from a position of strength.

      I don’t buy someone has to be a misogynist/racist jerk to be a man. However, men definitely cannot be pushed around by women. Equality is not female dominance.

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