Criminal Staring at Women

Frank Lucas is the man made famous by his portrayal in the movie American Gangster (2009)

Lucas was born in La Grange, North Carolina, and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was the son of Mahalee (née Jones; 1909-2003) and Fred Lucas. He said that the incident that sparked his motivation to embark on a life of crime was having witnessed his 12-year-old cousin’s murder at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, for apparently “reckless eyeballing” (looking at) a Caucasian woman…

Will it eventually get like this for straight White males due to SJWs?

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14 thoughts on “Criminal Staring at Women”

  1. Will it eventually get like this for straight white males – due to SJWs?

    It seems only a USA problem.

    In Australia, men ogle at bikini babes all the time at the beach. Aussie girls are pretty cool with being eyeballed. As are many others in different countries.

    1. There’s a commercial of a White man angrily eyeballing a trans kid walking into a bathroom. A Black kid is the only one nice to the tranny. That’s the narrative in a nutshell. The fiery Christian cross is now an electric Jew box. The old White man is the new “nigger”.

      1. The best thing the devil did was get on the social justice thing. Well, he is an “angel of light”. What I mean is that tranny rights don’t equal Rosa Parks rights. It’s not the same thing and even Blacks would agree.

        How much tolerance can people agree to? Gays have pushed it too far – past was what reasonable and just.

        1. I have supported gay rights for most of my adult life. But these days they are starting to finally push it too far. Enough is enough.

  2. I was working with this incredibly hot woman back in 2014. I mean I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She’d yell at me to stop what I was doing to her. I ignored those warnings and continued to ogle her.

    My secret was I would make conversation all the time. We would talk a lot when I met her, that way she would get comfortable with me.

    This woman was FRIGID as hell. No touching, no eyeballing. Most dudes avoided her but it was just a stupid attitude.

    I would compliment her with something like “look you’re hot. I mean you no harm, but you’re beautiful. I want to enjoy your beauty.” You can say I eventually “broke” her and she reconciled to me eyeballing her as much I wanted to. She even got comfortable with me touching her body occasionally. But if I did put my arms around her waist or shoulders, she’d freak out even after knowing me so well.

    I figure her father or uncle might have molested her as a kid. She wasn’t a lesbian.

    My theory is you can really train a woman, even a frigid one, to let you eyeball her as much as you want.

    I think some women may just be uncomfortable with strangers eyeballing them. It’s always faster and easier to have a CONVERSATION with them first. They’ve got to trust you a bit.

    Women are attracted to good communication.

    1. A lot of women seriously don’t even want small talk, never mind the staring. Robert Lindsay had a spat with that.

      Basically women are being snobs but I’m sure men treat fat women the same way.

      1. Yeah, I got in trouble for breaking a law called Trying to Talk to People Who Don’t Want You Talking to Them. Funny, I had no idea such a law was on the books.

        In general, trying to talk to them is worse than looking at them. No solution to the problem.

  3. Denzel’s best scene was getting whipped in Glory. Looks more like Farrakhan than Malcolm X though. On Twitter, SJW’s think every Black criminal was a victim of Whites, even the Blacks that target Jews. Lucas shooting a Black in the face right in front of everyone was his answer to the Klan. Was he trying out? He likely only sold drugs to Blacks as well.

    1. Did Lucas really shoot someone in the middle of the street as portrayed in the movie? If he did, was him ratting out corrupt cops enough to justify only 5 years in prison? I’m wondering if the crime that Black guy did equals what his cousin (shot by the Klan) did. I’d say not by a long shot, but still it was probably overkill, yet that’s typical “enforcer behavior”. Don’t rightwing governments in Latin America do the same to rebels?

      1. They often execute them after they capture them, correct. Not always but there have been quite a few cases. El Salvador and Guatemala were two of the worst.

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