Whether We Want to Believe It or Not, Colleges Are Becoming Racist Hellholes

They’re becoming that way because of PC, but let’s face it, when some Black, trans or other misfit type lol complains about harassment, well, they might just be right! Because colleges, while full of non-White, gay, etc. freakazoid extremists, also have lots of Young Republican types who often have a different attitude.

Now this puts me at odds with the @Robert Lindsay because he probably doesn’t think colleges are that insane these days, but they are!

The rule of thumb in college, as in prison, is to mind your own business and don’t comment on politics. Some problems could be unavoidable for the chronically bullied types, but these problems can be reduced.

One way to reduce these problems is by conforming as much as possible. Wear normal clothes, get to class on time, things like that. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want anyone to throw away their pride! But maybe it’s better for these types to see college as temporary place to stay before you can get out on your own, and after you graduate, you can tell people to shove it.

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