“Jackie Brown” (1996)

Watching the movie, Jackie Brown, by Quentin Tarantino. Another Tarantino flick. First Reservoir Dogs, next Pulp Fiction, and then Jackie Brown. The acting in particular is out of this world, especially two Black auteurs, Samuel Jackson and Pam Grier (Grier is out of this world – not sure if I have seen her before).


If you have seen these movie, see ya in the comments.

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7 thoughts on ““Jackie Brown” (1996)”

      1. No, it would be worth watching it for the art.

        Anyway, his recent films have made a mockery of both the Holocaust and Slavery. Wouldn’t Jews and Blacks be offended?

        1. Did they really make a mockery of slavery and the Holocaust? I don’t really agree with that. The first is anti-slavery and the second is anti-Nazi.

          1. I enjoyed those films because the “evil Jew hunting Nazi” and slaver act so well. The Jew Hunter and Calvin Candy are the most charismatic IMO. The sadistic Bear Jew character killed a superior man of honor.

    1. Sicilian scene in True Romance is my favorite – flawless acting by Walkin and Hopper. Jackson stands out in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. Pam Grier looked good nude and with natural hair in her older films.

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