Are People Oversensitive and Paranoid about Race?

Well, plenty of normal people are, and there’s nothing abnormal about it. I mean, Blacks and trans get edgy around people they feel seem bigoted, and some White Bubba types get edgy in a Black ghetto. There’s good reason for the latter, considering the Black crime rate, but those Bubbas could very well could be the type that hates also being a “fish out of water.”

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3 thoughts on “Are People Oversensitive and Paranoid about Race?”

  1. Blacks can be very sensitive. I’ve met many you can’t talk about race to. When blacks call each other brother they often mean it, when a White calls me brother, I almost always question it. Whites are generally not racial.

    1. It’s not cool – generally speaking – to be openly racial with anyone. It brings out the worst in people. I mean, people are quiet about it for a reason!

      1. It can be good fun if no one is sensitive. At European cultural festivals they often tease themselves and people from other European countries.

        Mexicans can get racially fiesty.

        Asians get curious about my race and guess what I am.

        There are Blacks like Patrice O’Neill that can take a joke too. Coal flakes can be extremely sensitive though. It’s generally best not to rock a Black’s boat.

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