Alt Left: All Straight Men Are Homophobes

SHI: I’m not a homophobe but I kinda enjoy the graphic videos of Middle Eastern Islamo-fascists throwing gay men off buildings.

I don’t condone any killings no matter what. Besides, the person perceived to be “gay” isn’t always like that. He might have been on the down low or just been mistook for someone else. And fuck the Islamofascists, they’re sickening beings.

LOL but what do you think of this video?

I think all straight men are homophobes to a certain degree.

It’s all right if you get off on those sick videos. I understand the appeal, and I ain’t no moralfag. Sorry though, I can’t get into those videos.

I am not wild about gay men at all, trust me. I’m pretty much done with them, and I don’t want them around me. However, I don’t hate the actual biological ones at all, since I know that they can’t help it and there’s no cure for their condition. I wish all the same happiness and long, healthy lives for them as I do for myself. But I still don’t really want them around me. They make uncomfortable, sorry.

However, that clip about throwing gay men off of buildings hits a bit too close to home for me.

I’ve been gaybashed or assaulted for being perceived as gay three times (ages 16, 21  and 24), once with a baseball bat. And I’m not even gay. One of the main problems with gay bashers is that they beat up a lot of straight guys. I don’t want them beating up gay men either, but that isn’t really my problem; that’s someone else’s problem.

Plus a lot of people used to think I was gay, so I got a whole taste of the sort of homophobia that a lot of gay men have to deal with. Let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling. Now I am straight and being attacked homophobically is a particularly weird thing. They are attacking me for something that’s not even true, and top of that, it’s a serious insult. Imagine you were getting beat up for being a Martian! That’s what it feels like.

On the other hand, if I were gay, the homophobia I got would at least be based on something true. I have no idea if that makes it feel better or worse, and I have no way or determining that either. I doubt if anyone does.

I don’t get attacked homophobically much anymore. I told some recent long term girlfriends that a lot of people used to think I was gay, and they all said, “I can’t see it. I don’t understand why anyone would think that about you. It makes no sense.” They said it over and over, too.

One long-term girlfriend even told me, “You seem pretty masculine to me.” WTF. No way. No woman has ever told me I’m masculine. I’ve been told that I’m tough. I’ve been told that I’m a hardass, whatever that means. But masculine? Nope. But she is from Europe, and maybe they have different standards over there. Anyway it sure felt good to be called masculine!

And I  only get called gay maybe once every ~5 years now. I think maybe five people have stated that they thought I was gay in the last 20 years, and four of them were members of street gangs. Gangsters have extreme demands for masculinity, and they will be the first ones to all any man gay. You have to act a lot more feminine than that to get regular people to call you that.

I think I may have changed my behavior to be a lot more masculine. It’s been a conscious effort to do that. I figure if I am straight, why shouldn’t I act like it, right? It works pretty good. Any straight guys getting mistreated because people think they are gay, I hate to say it, but if they change their  behavior enough, they might hear it a lot less.

But yeah, of course all straight men are homophobes. All these straight guys who insist they are not homophobic, ask them this:

Ok, I have a very goodlooking gay man here, and he says he will suck your cock for free. And he’s really damn good – better than most women. All you have to do is lay back, close your eyes, and pretend it’s Seka. You ready to go?

100% of them will say no. Ask them why and they will all say guys don’t turn them on. But that never stopped any man. The real reason is that they have an incredible revulsion towards the idea of homosexual acts. That revulsion right there is de facto homophobia. So yeah, all straight men are homophobes. Of course were are. If we were not homophobes, we would be on our knees sucking cocks right now ha ha.

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16 thoughts on “Alt Left: All Straight Men Are Homophobes”

  1. Trust me, you don’t sound gay at all. Neither does Jason or many other posters. You sound enough masculine and there’s no doubt in it at all.

    Gay men sound like, I don’t know. Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris come to my mind.

    Some of those hairdressers I’ve hired in the past were gays and cross-dressers. But they do sound every bit like men. Except I don’t know what is it about them that sets off the gay radar.

    As for the Middle Eastern throwing gays off buildings, I think someone should turn it into a video game.

    Anyone played the game “Ka-boom” where a Jihadi suicide bomber blows himself up? It was funny as hell.

    Also, there was “War on Terror”…in one of its editions, you could punch Bin Laden.

    There was “Detroit Street Cop” where an Eddie Murphy character is on the rampage in the ghetto.

    There was “Shoot the Fags” or something. I mean this was a dangerous game. If you didn’t shoot down the fags quickly enough, they’d come and bum rape you in the end. GAME OVER.

    I used to play so many of those online games in the past. They were hilarious. All the moralfags have taken over the Internet, and I can no longer access those games.

    Why are people losing touch with their dark sides? It’s not healthy at all. If you’re a racist, misogynist, homophobe, or whatever simply embrace your nasty personality when you’re alone.

    The same goes if you’re a man-hating butch. There’s nothing wrong in expressing those feelings. It’s wrong to suppress your true personalities.

    1. You can still play “African Detroit Cop” at this link. This is actually a good site where you can search for “racist games”. Unfortunately, most browsers have announced an end to flash support which means you have to download their installer. Fuck the SJW Nazis running the modern Internet. They’ve taken away a source of entertainment for good.

    2. LOL I so love Shoot the Fags. I want to play that game. But in my defense, I will say that one thing I like about it is that the gays can take their revenge on the homophobic shooter in the game by ass-raping him if he does poorly on his shooting score.

  2. Well, the gay agenda is now wanting to teach kids that being “homo and/or trans is O.K.” That’s a far cry from some kid being an artistic type or a tomboy, which is fine by me. So, if guys are in hostility to this extreme agenda, is that wrong? Is it wrong when Russia persecutes gays, as in they’re not throwing them off buildings but their extreme agenda is ignored?

    1. Is it wrong when Russia persecutes gays, as in they’re not throwing them off buildings, but their extreme agenda is ignored?

      The Russians, Poles, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Ukrainians are so anti-gay that not a single faggot is to be found in these countries.

      I don’t think I saw even one gay person in Poland, although I only went to Poznan and Wroclaw, which are smaller cities. The capital Warsaw may have some gay clubs, as it’s relatively more cosmopolitan and multicultural. Elsewhere in that fucked-up country, they’ll simply be murdered by the skinheads.

      The Russians and Ukrainians are even more fervently anti-gay. They don’t even consider gays humans. They will attack any man who walks down the streets holding another man’s hands. “Fag-bashing” is very much a sport in these countries. Come weekend, all the vigilantes will hang out near the pubs and nightclubs for the first sign of a gay couple.

      I think when the dumb Polacks wouldn’t find any gays, they simply dress up one of their own comrades as a gay person, and then go on to bash the living shit out of that faggot for a “release”.

      Even the Middle-East is far more tolerant of men holding hands together or something like that. The Saudis and the Emiratis have a weird policy: as long as you’re not the “receiver”, you’re technically not gay. However, the Saudis will be the first ones to toss a gay person from the top of a building.

      If I were gay, I wouldn’t know which is worse: getting tossed down from a building in Saudi Arabia or getting butchered by skinheads in Wroclaw, Poland.

      As for the Slavs, anyone who looks or talks effeminate in their countries is beaten up. If you’re only into women, you’ll be fine.

      All the homos in these countries are still where they’ve historically belonged: in the closet.

      Forget about the Slavic countries. Even America wasn’t all that gay-friendly not very long ago. I mean I saw many popular ’80s movies. There’s absolutely no reference of openly homosexual behavior even in movies like The Karate Kid which was set in gay-wise California. It was surely frowned upon back then. Maybe Robert can enlighten us, but I hardly see any ’80’s movies openly displaying homosexual characters.

      1. With the Saudis, you never know what kind of tossing you’re in for. I’m guessing the further racially from Russia, the gayer it gets. West Europe is Carson from Queer Eye at this point.

        Slavic men themselves have rugged features. Not a lot of pretty boys. The women all look like women. They are old Whites in a way – how West Europeans used to be.

      2. Well, what’s homo to a homophobe is way different than homo – as in hairdressers or women bodybuilders.

        All of this is a scam by homophobes to bully anyone slightly different.

      3. You don’t always know a gay when you see one. All you can say at most is that I didn’t see anyone who looked outwardly gay. If Anderson Cooper were walking past me on the street and I didn’t already know what he was, I would have no idea he was gay. There are a lot of gays just like him. I’ve even come across a few guys that looked quite masculine and didn’t talk with gay mannerisms. You’d never know.

        1. Anderson looks similar to pussy hound Roger Sterling from Mad Men. Butt boomers in the closet are like crypto dumb goys. Their fight is just for the lowest shakra. Gays put too much emphasis on their sexual orientation. It’s sad to see intelligent men have dick in pooper rights as their main issue.

        2. I watched Anderson Cooper for years and had no idea he was a gay! He’s actually a pretty damn masculine guy, don’t you think?

        3. Sure, but 70% of gay men are effeminate. 3% of straight men are. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  3. LOL this pic is funny. Seeking a release from perpetual boredom, the Polacks are literally kicking the shit of one of their own.

    I wonder how they go about it.

    Polack 1: “Listen Skinny, it’s your turn now. After the soccer match, we’ll pummel the shit out of you.”

    Polack 2: “But Fatboy, I was chosen last week. Why again?”

    Polack 3: “Don’t worry, Nancy. I’m certain we’ll find some faggots or Jews this time. You’re our back-up plan.”

    Polack 4: “We’ll buy you a sandwich for the trouble. Now be ready to take one for the team, ok?”

  4. I can’t relate to anyone that could enjoy watching an innocent human being thrown off a building. That’s as viscerally disgusting as someone torturing a puppy on video.

    Anyone that enjoys that stuff – something is deeply wrong with them, and that person should seek counseling.

    1. Just to clarify I don’t condone the death of any human being, not least by those terrible Islamofascists. And I love puppies.

      As for the videos, they have millions of views, which means a lot of people are indeed getting off of that stuff. That’s what YouTube and LiveLeak are for. Face it, we humans have an inner dark side, but we don’t always act on it because we know better. It cannot always mean something is deeply wrong with a person who is enjoying a torture video. This is voyeurism, plain and simple.

      Is this wrong? Maybe, but so is playing violent RPG games. Thankfully, there’s no thought police as of now.

      I am even willing to discuss these things openly with anyone. But I’m not seeing any counselors, all right? LOL.

    2. I hate to disagree with you this, Tulio, but a lot of people like fucked-up shit like this. Especially young and even teenage boys. And quite a few adults, typically men. I don’t think they’re all evil or nuts. We are a pretty sick species, my friend. I would have thought you might have figured it out by now. If not, time to start believing.

      Please don’t believe in the goodness of human nature. We are mammals, and we are also predators. Look at how other predatory, meat-eating animals act. That’s us. We are them. They are us.

      You’ll never truly understand humans until you figure out that at the end of the day, we’re basically just mammals and don’t act real different from the rest of our cousins. It’s a blow to one’s supremacist ego, but it’s oh so true.

      With acceptance comes knowledge. And a bit of peace, I might add. Once you accept, well, anything really, any truth that is, a sense of true peace comes over you. You finally stop fighting and just give in and give yourself up to the universe: Do with me as thou wilt, oh universe.

      What follows is a sense of surrender and immense peace. Sort of like the sense of total surrender and peace Muslims say that they get when they accept Islam. Islam is an excellent example of the sort of surrender and peace one gets with complete acceptance, whether the religion is based on actual reality or not. It’s still a nice mirror, an analogy, a way of explaining. Which, getting down to brass tacks, is all most anything is really.

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