You Can’t Get Something for Nothing

He’s not alone.  Artist Ayla Arthur spends between 20-25 hours updating a comic on Patreon.  The artist only earns $200 a month.

The low monthly incomes prompted Knapper to investigate who could really make a living from Patreon.  And what he found was surprising. has graphed all active Patreon campaigns since March 2015.  According to the website, the platform now has 79,420 creators.  Yet, only 1,393 creators (under 2%) earned the federal monthly minimum wage of $1,160 a month in October 2017.

Even worse, if changed to $15 per hour, only 0.8%, or 635 creators, made that amount.

On close examination the article above is retarded because you can’t get money without traffic and/or a traffic from some social media following.  I can say this even this being a socialist blog.

I mean, what’s not said in the article is that the people not making it simply don’t have the traffic and/or traffic from social media. Also not mentioned is the fact the people not making it, well, many of them simply may not have a good enough product!

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