The Few and the Proud – The Few Good Kids

There’s not many good kids – there probably never have been. It’s because human nature is basically evil (a religious topic). In fact, good kids are tough to make because the parents are normally evil and/or there too lazy (probably the bigger case) to raise good kids.

Anyway, I’m not in favor of dumb anti-bullying programs because the state cannot make good kids – only the parents can, but the parents, based on math probability, won’t! So anti-bullying is a lost, dumb cause.

Now, I get sick of the topic of bullying, but one last post for a good while on it to clarify things.   Well, when I was in middle school, one boy was nice to me. He was a jock, and he wasn’t into being cool and going with the crowd. However, he was probably raised that way.

But, of course most kids are not. Most kids enjoy tearing others down or they ignore victims out of fear) because it makes them feel better. Well, it the same with adults. Kids are just miniature adults. In fact, kids also are not Buddhists – they cannot understand things like “turn the other cheek”, “let go of attachments” etc.. Well, they might if they were taught and a few are.

Anyhow, the bullying of “proven assholes” is something all kids do – even the good ones, probably.  It’s just too enticing to not do ut.  Also, those kinds of really lousy kids (or adults) need that kind of negative feedback anyway.

Do Kids Know Bullying Retarded or “Seems Retarded” People Is Wrong?

Unlike what @Robert Lindsay was saying, they do know it’s wrong. I did when I was a kid.  They’re just simply brats, and they have no way out it because as noted, few parents raise Jehovah’s Witness-type kids.

What About Myself?

I was a good kid because I was the one getting the dick up the ass (metaphorically). I was getting it even in elementary school and then later worse in middle school. Therefore, I simply never evolved into the type that sadistically makes fun of weird people.

Also, even when I was a class clown in high school, I never resorted to bullying others to make people laugh. It was all just “naughty-ness,” making animal sounds – stuff like that. Maybe I would insult a teacher, but it was never personal.

The Land of Cotton

Well, this seems off-topic, but it relates. Some commentator was noting how Sambos were so nice compared to modern Blacks. Well, could it be cause they were heavily oppressed – kind of like I was as a kid? I mean, these silly WN’s praise bullying so much, but they’re so repulsed by modern Blacks who in effect are grown up brats obeying boy instincts.


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