SJWs Are Not Real Social Justice Warriors

Nope, the only people who have truly made a difference were people like @Robert Lindsay in Black areas of LA (as a teacher) and also I was doing my thing in Korea. And of course, people trying to make a difference – I think, in many cases, especially in Black areas are crucified like Reginald Denny for what they did.

Anyway, fag-ass SJW’s. What are they doing?  Well, they’re not on the front line of anything real, but probably something like: “Stop the bikini video games which degrade women,” etc.  In other words, useless shit. Not to mention the fact they ignore non-gay etc. White cases of oppression!

Anyhow, the problem with SJWism is it’s gotten too big (spread out). In other words, they’re not focusing on the truly needy, but have rather all sorts of stuff they are riled up about – much of which, as noted, is not important!

Of course, the backlash to this is South Park, Stormfront, Fox News, Beyond Highbrow – you name it. It’s actually sad, really, because being a hero to the disadvantaged should be something noble, right?

Anyway, lastly, SJWism and also people truly trying to help the disadvantaged is such a lost cause these days that’s it’s best to either do these things in secret or not even do them at all. In other words, society is so infected by monstrous Identity Politics that the only choice for a good person is to drop out of society.

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