Alt Left: Should Designated Victim Minors Be Put in Special Protective “Schools for the Bullied?”

Jason: Well, do you feel there should be special education in regular schools – not special schools? I mean, honestly, the people who seem retarded are bullied but so are the retarded at the same rate simply because as you say boys (and girls) are acting according to instinct.

I don’t know. Perhaps we could set up special schools for designated victims. Of course then the “normal bullies” wouldn’t have anyone to bully, but I’m sure they will make do. They will just bully their siblings or whatever.

It is a very interesting idea. A lot of people won’t do it because there will be stigma attached with having to go to the Bullied School because you were such a fucktard that everyone bullied you. You could get bullied on that basis right there.

Also as pointed out below it might be just overprotecting kids from the hardships of life, making them unprepared for the real world.

Another problem would be as stated above that the stigma of going to Fucktard School for the Bullied might be pretty extreme right there. Maybe a lot of boys or parents don’t want that shame on the bullied one’s resume.

Another problem is that the bullied might just form a hierarchy of the bullied and bully each other. Not sure how likely that is but I’m sure it is somewhat likely.

But I’m not really a fan of bullying in sense. I have had clients and friends who got bullied, mostly in junior but also in elementary school, and they are still fucked up over this to this very day. Basically they have low self-esteem. Otherwise they function well. Perhaps some of these people were designated victims.

Be that as it may, even designated victims are human, and the bullying they get is horribly painful for them, and it even screws them up far into adulthood. I mean what did these designated victims really do? Nothing, honestly. We punish traffic offenders worse than those people deserve to get punished.

The downside is that getting bullied often toughens boys so it makes them mature. Also a lot of people get bullied hard over certain things, and then you meet them later, and they are completely normal. The behaviors they were bullied over are gone.

Did the bullying make them stop their stupid behaviors? I have no idea. Maybe they just did it on their own. But I tried to shape up after I got bullied. I tried to be a cool guy so I didn’t get bullied anymore. I think bullying probably does force some people to shape up and get their shit together.

Then others are damaged far into their 30’s.

It’s like a test of pure fire. Boys are iron and the bullying is an iron force with fire. It turns boys into men, hopefully. The ones that make it past the bullying and get their shit together are like stainless steel, forged in the fire of cruelty, harassment, undignified insults, and humiliation. On the other hand a lot iron boys walk through the fire and don’t get turned into steel at all. They might just rust or turn brittle, I have no idea.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Should Designated Victim Minors Be Put in Special Protective “Schools for the Bullied?””

  1. Hmm, interesting. But isn’t this what WN’s want? Yeah, let’s get rid of all the retards – kill them or put them in special schools. Let’s get rid of the Blacks because they traumatize and bully White kids (and they do!). We’d practically have a paradise by just removing all bad elements LOL.

    On a related subject, this is a problem with homeschooling. Parents are justifiably driven to it by the Cultural Left agenda (John Oliver promoting a same-sex book for preschoolers LOL). However, kids raised in homeschooling might not be prepared for real life. It’s just a hunch!

    1. It would only be for school and if they started getting normal and not doing the shit that got them bullied, maybe they could go back to school, especially high school where the bullying is less. Maybe the schools could work on the lame stuff they are doing that gets them bullied. They will join society at one point anyway, at least by age 18 and probably earlier, maybe age 14.

      We should talk about his more. This is sort of a “Jason type idea.” Something you might come up with. It’s perfect for you. And you suggested it so it’s already your idea in a way.

      1. There’s not really any lame stuff going on, though. It’s all about the fact that kids don’t respect them because they come across as weak. I mean, all sorts of freakish looking kids are not getting bulled.

        That’s why kids can benefit from gyms, martial arts – stuff like that – because it’s a prison out there!

  2. Of course then the “normal bullies” wouldn’t have anyone to bully, but I’m sure they will make do. They will just bully their siblings or whatever.

    Why do you think I got bullied in high school? I wasn’t retarded, ugly, or socially inept. Far from it.

    It was only because I was among the few poor kids in a classroom full of affluent kids. So the rest of them subtly picked up on that hint: “Look, he’s poor. He’s not one of us! Fair game!

    They were all superficial, their dads and moms were douchebags, but that was the norm in that environment. So a perfectly healthy teen like me would become a natural target.

    I don’t blame them after all these years. That’s how it was supposed to be in that environment; I was the odd one out and deserved to be picked on. I learned to take my licks like a man quite early.

    Yes, I do have resentment about my high school years and have now blocked all those assholes from my Facebook and life forever. I never really met them that often after high school except for a girlfriend who was one of the bullies! Weird, huh?

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