Identity Politics as The Mark of the Beast Like Buying/Selling

Well, IP could get to that point. I mean, already what if your some cop and – while not being a homo – you don’t agree totally with Blue Lives Matter. Isn’t this group a bunch of racist a-holes or what lol??  Maybe you won’t be able to get a job or you would harassed on the job.

What about public schools? Well, if your a parent and – while you agree that some boys are more feminine and some girls are more masculine – you simply view “being gay or trans” as being too far, well, you won’t be able to educate your child. You would have to home school them.

Anyway, this is the way the world’s going because Identity Politics has gone batshit insane!

Anyway, I don’t agree with the traditional apocalyptic views of religion because I haven’t seen any of that baloney come to pass, and I don’t think it will, but I have seen an explosion in demonic IP, no doubt!

  • Where’s the microchips on all people? Where’s the Antichrist?
  • Where’s the rise of Babylon?
  • Where’s the rise of the European Union?

Well, Christians are pinning their hopes on this stuff as bringing in the end-times, but I don’t see any of it, and I’m not being closed-minded.

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