Take the Insults Like a Man

Yeah, but none of these self-professed bad boys in the WN movement can! They can’t really handle sissification insults from Blacks and probably not even from Whites, so that’s sometimes (maybe often) why they hate Blacks, among others.

But anyway, WN’s seem to think trash talk is normal talk. It’s not. Trash talk belongs on basketball courts and among friends, relatives, or semi-friends. However, trash talk directed toward strangers or a person in authority (cops, teachers etc.) is something not tolerated, and if the person does tolerate it at all, then he’s a big pussy!

Sometimes Even Trash Talk Is Over the Line

Like my relative calling me a gook lover. Well, that was over the line because it’s just too insulting, and I didn’t really like that stupid wigger motherfucker anyways. He’s a little dick – the type tormenting people all his life – and then he marries into my family! Sheesh!!

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2 thoughts on “Take the Insults Like a Man”

  1. Examples? I’m sry, the sissy label does not fit. I’ve met some that are literally hate-filled warriors but more faggy weaklings are SJW. This is likely based on blacks getting to Robert when he was trying to teach them. Well, Robert cared enough to try and teach/reach blacks. A far cry from a nigger hater.

    1. I think SJW’s are not “good at what they do”. They waste their time on stupid crap (rage at bikini video games or something), while people like @Robert Lindsay were actually on the front lines – truly trying to help a disadvantaged group. And he was crucified for it!

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