My Position on Drugs

Drugs should be totally legal because it’s a waste of police time and money to fight them, and it also causes massive corruption (case in point: the movies Serpico, American Gangster).

But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s something people should do. Cocaine has been shown to cause Parkinson’s later in life, and I’d guess meth isn’t much different. As for pot, the effect on a young mind could be stunted IQ, so that’s not good thing for youngsters.

If people can add more reasons why drugs are bad even though they’re not worth fighting with the law, then add something:

Should Legal Drugs Be Regulated?

Perhaps they should be, while illegal ones are made legal. Any opinions on this?

But Is Fighting Drugs a Waste of Police Time and Money?

Well, in our corrupt world, it very well might not be. In other words, a whole prison-industrial complex exists to exploit offenders economically (tons of work in the prison industry, prison labor, and prison construction) and politically (drug wars are often politically motivated against racial groups in general).

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