My Position on Bullying, Again

Jason: Come on @Robert Lindsay – you’re saying bullying is natural to boys and encouraging it BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE IT.

Jason and I are much closer on this issue than you think. We only differ on a few things.

How many times do I have to tell Jason this? I don’t want to have to make these posts over and over.

  • I oppose all bullying in adulthood. Even in high school you mostly should knock it off. But I support bullying severe outliers in high school – like people who are so insanely nerdy that you can’t even look at them without laughing.
  • Also I do not justify bullying in boyhood. But it will go on, and you can’t stop it. Of course it’s natural and normal. This is the way humans are. We are mammals.
  • I do justify bullying of extreme outliers in grade school and junior high because it’s the only thing that might force them to get their shit together. I knew severe outliers who got bullied hard from age 9-13, and I met them later at 16-18, and the behavior that got them bullied was gone. Did the bullying make it go away? Moral of the story: Don’t be a severe outlier, weirdo, freak, kook, or idiot.
  • Don’t be a Goddamned crybaby. Crybabies need to get bullied hard.
  • Don’t act like a Goddamned faggot if you are a little boy. You’re going to get creamed. No two ways about it. Boys will never accept effeminate boys.
  • Don’t act like an outrageously idiotic nerd to where you are so spazzed out you seem legitimately retarded.
  • Don’t be a psycho boy to where you are such a weird, psycho future serial killer that even other boys think you’re a dangerous freak. And yeah, those boys need to get bullied really hard. They’re mean as snakes anyway. Except maybe it makes them worse.

But I do not accept the bullying of ordinary boys in general, although this sort of thing does go on in the family. I will admit that I bullied my younger brother. What am I supposed to say? It was fucked up, but kids don’t understand that. I didn’t understand it was wrong at the time. I got told endlessly that it was wrong and I was a bad person for doing it, and I laughed and thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard.

I am saying that kids don’t understand that this sort of thing is wrong, especially among brothers with young boys. But my friends and I – we did not bully each other. And we only bullied the youngest brother sometimes. Bullying is ugly – nobody can handle it – I could not and honestly cannot. But it will never go away. You just have to make people tough enough to not get bullied or not care if they got bullied.

Also I was bullied quite badly in elementary school, junior high, and even high school. Not a lot of times but some. Those were some of the most traumatic events of my life.

But these were like mean, antisocial, psychopathic boys who were preying on normal boys like me in a really evil way. They preyed on many other normal boys too. I told you that I opposed the mean, bully boy psychopath types bullying normal boys.

But that’s going to happen too. I was probably doomed to be bullied at least a bit. SHI bullied other boys when he was in grade school, junior high, and high school.

Right, nobody can handle it. I don’t know why I have to keep reiterating my position here over and over. And I oppose all the mean boy psychopathic bullying done to Jason as a boy, as I don’t think he was a severe outlier. And of course your getting bullied as an adult is absolutely outrageous.

Jason: Especially, you can’t handle the sissification. It’s kind like stuff I endured being called Faaaagooooot (mocking a goat sound).

I did not get bullied too much like this, but at age 16, yes, I was bullied by some local juvenile delinquents who were tormenting me because they legitimately thought I was gay. I thought they were my friends and I was hanging out with them trying to be “cool.”

They were running up to me, hitting me and running away again and laughing. I just stood there saying over and over, “I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay.” I knew I wasn’t gay, and I thought if I could convince them of that, they would leave me alone. But that was one of the most traumatic events of my life.

Did they actually think you were gay? I mean for real, a homosexual? Or did they know you were straight, and they were just bugging you?

Jason and I are not effeminate. I don’t agree with gay-baiting boys like us.

I don’t like people to think I am wimpy or gay, correct. But they have thought that a lot in my life anyway, especially when I was younger. It sort of traumatized me in a sense though because I do have a deep neurotic fear that people think I am gay, especially a girlfriend I am having sex with.

The idea of having sex with a woman and having her legitimately wondering if she is fucking a gay or bisexual man is something I cannot reconcile. It’s a crazy fear. I have been trying to work my way out of it forever, but I can’t seem to.

I think it is an OCD symptom, honestly. It goes round and round and never gets resolved, and that is OCD (ruminations). There! You all wanted to know some my OCD symptoms? There ya go! It’s stuff like that. Sort of embarrassing to talk about because it seems to stupid to worry about stuff like that.

It’s happened before – one girlfriend was convinced I was bisexual, and another was convinced that I used to be gay. I fucked the second one all the time anyway, like 3-4 times a day. I fucked her so much my dick almost fell off. I never discussed with her why she thought that. I was 26 and 28 years old then in the former and latter cases. Perhaps I acted different, no idea. I hardly hear it anymore. Perhaps I changed my behavior?

I have always rejected the idea that I am effeminate. It makes me angry. I am quite soft though, and I can have a very soft voice sometimes. You can hardly hear me sometimes. But it is sort of a very soft seductive voice, and a lot of women told me it drives them crazy.

People think soft, wimpy, passive, or soft-voiced men (like Mr. Rogers) are gay, but honestly, I have known many guys like that in life, and generally, most men like that are simply straight. Wimpy men especially tend to be straight. There are some gay men who act like that, but those are the ones they call “straight-acting.”

If you know anything about psychology, can’t you see that this macho thing I push is called compensation? I’m not being a macho jerk-off. It’s an internal matter in my head. Get it? We’re all screwed up in the head, man. Even us adults.

Well, nobody can handle it. That’s why I quit the church across the road from me. That’s why I essentially live in a hole – isolated in my room on computers all the time.

Of course nobody can handle it.

I cannot reiterate what a catastrophe this. We on this blog need to maybe figure out how we can help poor Jason here. This sort of stuff should not be going on with an adult man. And this is no way to live your life. Of course I oppose this. Bullying in adulthood is nonsense.

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22 thoughts on “My Position on Bullying, Again”

  1. Church people seem pretty gay to me, so it seems odd they’d single you out for that. I’m not convinced you’re a totally innocent victim or rational, but you may be confused and not malicious. I don’t get evil vibes from you. You have a good heart. My advice is focus on yourself first. Not everyone is out to bully you. Don’t make enemies of every non-SJW Appalachian while in a glass house.

    1. No, I’m not trying to be crybaby or whiny. I’m just reporting on what’s going on.

      The hope being something constructive can be learned beyond “Go to the gym, idiot” lol.

      1. All I am going to say here is that this situation is really abnormal and unhealthy. It’s also sort of weird. Adults are not supposed to be bullying other adults. Your avoidant reaction is not good, but it’s understandable.

  2. I was a bully (elementary, middle school and undergrad college) and have been bullied at the same time (little bit in middle school and a hell lot in high school).

    Basically I was a real piece of shit in middle school, and karma came to bite my ass in high school. I suddenly found myself in a place full of wealthy co-students.

    I was probably the only poor one apart from a few others. I had been transferred to another city and a whole new environment. It wasn’t real bullying per se. No one really assaulted me but they had their own gang of wealthy snoots who looked down on me.

    I still rode to school on a bicycle, and all of them at least had motorbikes. They used to have parties all the time and wouldn’t invite me and a bunch of other misfits.

    However unlike them, I wasn’t ignored completely. I was pretty good in calculus, physics, matrices, computer programming, and all the teachers loved me. That was the main source of hate.

    I was a plastic spectacles nerd those two years. Anyone who’s taken calculus and quantum physics in high school how much fun it can be. It totally engrossed me then.

    Still the high school was the worst phase of my education. I was constantly reminded of how poor I really am with comments like “Oh, you can’t afford it.” Including the girlfriends.

    Yes, I even dated a couple of girls in sequence (one for up to two years even after I went to college) who were bullying me. I thought they were different, but no, they were part of the same group of wealthy snoots. The main reason of obsession was my high school good looks and striking intelligence.

    However, on the surface, they never acknowledged their feelings. Always considered it an act of charity to be with a nerd like me. It’s only during college when I met much better quality girls did I find that my former girlfriends were pieces of shit.

    That’s why I say emotional bullying is far worse than actual physical bullying. It tears you from inside. I still hate wealthy, privileged people because of those traumatic two years in high school.

    But when I went to college, I went back from being bullied to being a bully once again. As if I had been purposely trained for this for two years of high school. Again, physical bullying mostly disappeared. I found a lot of emotionally weaker beings and wreaked havoc in their lives.

    I had a fantastic social life in college. Finally had my own motorcycle, girlfriends, and there were all these dorks getting wasted as no one cared for them. I’d make fun of them all the time in the presence of the girls that laughed at their dorkiness.

    I never called them by their proper names but used monikers such as “pajama stains”, “plumber”, “millimeter” (someone who’s short). These monikers don’t translate that well in English but in the local language, it could be devastating. It hurts people emotionally.

    I only stayed away from a bunch of super-wealthy kids (two of them had their parents as trustees and fund donors of the college). They did not care for anyone and kinda commanded the social scene. I was on good terms with them, but I had grown to hate wealthy people by now.

    I only knocked off the bullying in my final fourth year. I was under pressure to get a job, do something important.

    I had a fine four year engineering degree. But I threw it all away to pursue my travel ambitions. With my first money, I traveled to Thailand. Then Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan. Over the years, I traveled to Europe at least three times.

    I think I would have never been able to travel so much had I had a steady career.

    1. Well, no offense to @Robert Lindsay and yourself but it seems like karma has hit you guys in the ass. You had your fun and then later others “had fun” at your expense!

      1. It happens to everyone, Jason. Leave him alone. He doesn’t bully anyone anymore. Plus it’s retarded. The only people I bullied for the most part where designated victims who were bullied by all my friends, both of my brothers, and most of the boys at the school. It’s normal. When the majority of boys are bullying one boy, sorry but there’s something wrong with him.

        I really disagree that I’m a bully type. And in high school I did bully some designated victims again – guys who were so nerded out that they acted like literal mentally retarded people. There were like three guys like that in the whole school, and there were 1,700 boys at my school. So those guys are literally 1/600.

        I guess they shouldn’t be bullied, but you’re that spazzed out, you’re going to get creamed. And most boys were bullying them.

        Wait a minute, Jason. All of your whole childhood, you never bullied or teased one other human being? Your argument is that majority of boys at my schools were bad people, “bully types.” It’s nonsense.

        The majority of boys are never bad people or bully types. The majority of boys are normal! So in a sense bullying is just normal behavior for most boys, at least in terms of bullying designated victims and severe outliers.

        The actual bully types are not real common, not even 10%. The act like psychopaths and they are also often juvenile delinquents.

        Also why do you think we support the bullying you got as a kid? You were not a severe outlier. I mean most of the boys at the schools were bullying you? If so, sorry, there was something wrong with you.

        1. Happy New Year, guys. It’s going to be a damn new decade. Cheers. Another Roaring Twenties, the only one in our lifetimes.

          Head to the nearest joint and have a blast…there’s going to be zero cover charge in many places.

          1. Quote @SHI: Jesus Christ! (at the bolded part)

            You’re a saint. Certainly not a fallen angel like one of us.

            I’ve said so many mean things to so many people. Even as an adult, I have called people them ugly, fat, stupid, etc. to their face. Don’t remember ever having a second thought about it.

            I’ve had people call me mean things too. That’s what it’s all about. You move the fuck on and get on with your life. You don’t ruminate over hurting others in the past. If at all, they may have deserved it.

            Does that make me a sadistic, cruel person? Far from it. That’s what is perfectly normal.

            I might call someone stupid, but that’s not commenting on their looks. Anyway, my sister and mom do that, all the while whining about being victims. I mean, my late sister was bullied in school cause of her hair and then she called people fat. Well, that’s an ethical discussion right there.

            I can’t get a long with real people – especially not in South Korea – because they’re just too human. They’re walking shit-mouths!

        2. Well, do you feel there should be special education in regular schools – not special schools? I mean, honestly, the people who seem retarded are bullied but so are the retarded at the same rate simply because as you say boys (and girls) are acting according to instinct.

        3. Well, it’s like when these boys came over to our house visiting once. We had some geese and so they threw rocks at them. I thought that was barbaric – and was a kid also. I was just never raised to be like that. A lot of kids aren’t. So a lot of the “normal boy behavior” is simply parents not raising the kids right.

          Honestly, the parents are assholes or they ignore the problem. If they ignore the problem, it’s probable many boys look for leadership among peers – and those peers encourage making fun of people. Well, in our country now – there’s an epidemic of one-parent households.

          Now, honestly, it is cool to make fun of assholes – and that should never end – because how can those people be held to accountability? However, making fun of weak people – who aren’t bothering anyone – is a product of lazy and/or mean parents.

          O.K., honestly – how many kids are being raised to be Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses? Not many. Is it a wonder than, that kids are “less than ideal” morally? Well, that’s not going to end – but I’m saying it’s not “ideal behavior” but possible victims have to be prepared for it – just like if they were going into a prison.

          1. We had some geese and so they threw rocks at them

            Dang, as a child I threw rocks at birds all the time. Ducks, sparrows, house chickens – were all fair game. Only stayed away from the crows. They’re ugly, vicious and vindictive. Every other urban bird was fair game among my gang of little rascals.

            The objective was never to kill them, but it was hilarious watching those dirty cretins scamper and run for cover.

            I might have killed one accidentally though as a 11-year old. The poor thing was bleeding all over the ground. My entire childhood gang thought it was damn funny. We encircled the poor bird and made loud ululating noises, similar to some sort of prehistoric Neanderthal ritual. In fact, it’s hardwired in human DNA to kill birds for food or game. So it felt very natural to us then.

            Back then I didn’t feel bad for that bird even for a single second (now I do). We were anticipating its death. Then we’d all have a wild celebration like prehistoric men. I’m telling you man, it was fucking tribal.

            We were disappointed. That bird didn’t die in our presence. It was twitching and splattering blood all over the ground. Some of the other boys gently prodded it with sticks.

            However, despite our best efforts, it refused to die in our presence and we were denied the amazing spectacle. We’d have even given it a funeral or something. Therefore we left it alone at it lay on the battlefield, wounded and alone. I checked after about 30 minutes. It was still breathing and refusing to die. I was like “Die, bird, die.” Bird was like “Fuck you, I won’t.”

            These urban birds spread all kinds of diseases anyway. So, fuck them. I never felt any remorse over what I did.

            Now, kittens and pups – that’s very different. As a child, I always nurtured them. I don’t remember hurting them even once. Rather if I encountered a stray kitten, I’d bring it food and pet it for a while.

            I think boys who hurt kittens and pups have a more sadistic carnal rage. They may turn into psychopaths as adults.

          2. Wait a minute. You went through boyhood without teasing or bullying any other minors? What about your brothers? WTF are you a saint?

          3. @Robert Lindsay

            I wasn’t a saint. I even made a comment about my older brother’s increasing baldness once! Now, looking back I feel bad about it.

            But! He was a million times more mean to me. This is one reason I have a tough time with self-esteem, but then again, I’ve seen kids with no mean brothers, and they’ve turned out totally psycho and wussy. Well, it was all kidding around, but my brother knew how to bite those fangs of his.

            Example: I brought home this Batman video game. I was all excited and started to play, and then he says, “Huh? It sucks.”.

            Anyway, as far as kids at school are concerned, possibly I joined in teasing once or twice, but it was rare and not an obsession like with the usual crowd.

          4. I wasn’t a saint. I even made a comment about my older brother’s increasing baldness once! Now, looking back I feel bad about it.

            Jesus Christ! (at the bolded part)

            You’re a saint. Certainly not a fallen angel like one of us.

            I’ve said so many mean things to so many people. Even as an adult, I have called people them ugly, fat, stupid, etc. to their face. Don’t remember ever having a second thought about it.

            I’ve had people call me mean things too. That’s what it’s all about. You move the fuck on and get on with your life. You don’t ruminate over hurting others in the past. If at all, they may have deserved it.

            Does that make me a sadistic, cruel person? Far from it. That’s what is perfectly normal.

  3. To not get bullied, you have to stand up for yourself and retaliate towards the bully. You cannot make yourself an easy target or you will get bullied. In elementary school I bullied others a bit, and in Jr. High and high school I was sometimes bullied. In each case it was because I made myself an easy target and did not stand up for myself. If you’re a nice quiet kid, you will get bullied until you get more vocal and fight back.

    Ever noticed how many homosexuals are either really effeminate or ultra-macho? Jack Donovan is an example of the hypermasculine-looking homosexual.

    1. Shawn! You’re back, dammit. I actually missed you, just like I missed Tulio. Out of curiosity, how did you find the new site?

  4. I guess I missed your blog a bit.. 🙂 I typed “Robert Lindsay blog” into a search engine and it came up as a result. I do not visit blogs as much as I used to however because I am a bit of an information/internet addict.

    1. You know we got banned from WordPress, right? I’m here on my own site now with my own host and everything. Really it’s a lot better. I don’t worry so much.

        1. I violated their Terms of Service. I didn’t even know what their TOS even was. Something about stuff I or commenters said about feminism. Some radical feminism lesbian with an insane hatred of men got me turned in. I was over on their site trying to have a conversation with them and they attacked me. You can’t talk to women like that. There’s no way to say two words to them. They hate men like Hitler hated Jews.

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