Who Controls Hollywood?

Someone stated the common remark “Who controls it?” on one of the comments. I forgot where it was and I can’t find it. Anyway, to respond, I would say, “Yeah, Jews control the media, of course.” However, what can WN’s really do about it? Nothing, of course. All they will do for the next century or more is say the same thing.

The vast majority of Americans are supportive of the New Agenda, but they’re not comfortable with it, and that will probably keep going endlessly.

Anyway, myself, considering that in some since in some Buddhist-like sense, the current situation is something that cannot be stopped or changed, I would rather drop out of society than turn into a hateful monster and joining a movement that’s basically beating it’s head against a wall. Well, there is fun in hate.

I suspect that’s what keeping everyone in it – that demonic pull of being a rebel against society (conspiracy theories, persecution). Some Whites might still think the Whites can still win, but they’re going against mathematical probability.

But Won’t Black/Hispanic Crime Drive the White Masses to Extremism?

No, because that crime is concentrated in urban areas or wherever Blacks are “too much a percentage.” In that case, Whites can simply move away from them as they always have. In fact, as usual, the only Whites in those places are trapped by poverty. Although, oddly enough, they have enough to live on actually. This has been discussed before. Hence they either join the local culture or they are resentful types who probably become huge WN’s.

Another Repellent of the WN Movement

A lot of white Americans are degenerates – lol.  I mean, how are vast majorities going to be won over by WNs – when half the population is obese!? Also, much of the population is disabled – and much of the population (a much larger percentage) holds to Judeo-Christian ideas of mercy and compassion.

I mean, come on – WNs are so  intolerant – that even the Marine Corps can’t handle it – lol.

Anyway, people are generally fed up with being told they’re weak, stupid, genetically prone to crime, laziness – whatever – so they’re not going to support movements which amplify those ideas!

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