Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs (1992).

Quentin Tarantino’s first film, an indie. After that came Pulp Fiction only two years later. It’s hard to imagine that he’s produced a better movie since than either of these, although many of his subsequent movies have been very good. I recently watched this on the Net for the first time and it was out of this world. The dialogue was great, the plot was perfect and in particular, the acting was simply amazing.

There is a lot of very explicit violence in this movie though, so it’s very hard to take. But I like Tarantino’s take on violence. The old violence in movies was sanitized. Tarantino makes lethal and non-lethal violence seem gross, disgusting, nauseating, sickening, blood and guts and all that splattered all over.

Shot bodies react just as bodies do when shot – absolutely fling backwards at a very fast speed. People stagger off to finally drop. Dying takes a while for some and is disgusting and  horrible to watch.

You watch sanitized violence and it seems like violence is not so bad. We kids used to play army. If you got shot, you fell down like in the movies. But it was all sanitized, like the violence in the movies. That makes it too clean and it makes violence more likely.

When you see how sickening real violence is, blood and guts splattered all over, people wheezing and gasping in death throes, it’s so sickening and repulsive that it seems like the last thing you would ever want to do. It’s hard to imagine anyone but a sadist getting aroused or jazzed up by Tarantino’s grotesque and sickening violence.

Normal people will want to vomit or walk out of the theater. And in fact, at initial showings at the Cannes, many viewers did walk out on this movie, including famous directors. But even the walk-outs said the movie was very good.

Well recommended. Have you watched it yet? Do.

Watch online.

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7 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs (1992)”

  1. It’s one of my favorite movies too.

    SAT question – which criminal do you identify with the most?

    I’d be “Nice guy” played by Chris Penn. Although, Mr. Blonde is mendacious. I like that one.

    Being a smooth criminal is what I really enjoy.

    1. I really liked White. And I liked the crime boss too. Joe Cabot. Nice Guy is cool. Pink is a dick. I hate Blonde. Didn’t dig Orange – he’s a cop, screw him. I’m for the criminals lol. Don’t remember Blue. Brown is Tarantino – small role.

      I was a smooth criminal for a while. There’s nothing like it really. The rush is insane, out of this world. I see why men are criminals, I totally get it. They’re just adrenaline junkies with no morals lol.

      1. I was a smooth criminal for a while.

        A movie to be made on you someday. God willing I’ll be the one to do it :)_

        It’ll be mostly about your player and hustling days…a high IQ smooth criminal in Southern California. So you peaked in the ’80s and ’90s right? Main part of the story. I think ’80s would be better – everyone has a ROMANTIC image of the ’80s.

        Some parts can be fictionalized such as an actual prison sentence…time spent in Hong Kong where you hung out with the triads. Not too much, just a little to add variety.

        I’m drunk and serious at the same time. No one underestimate me. Stay tuned hah hah

    1. Oh God that is so horrible, so hard to watch man. That was really fucked up honestly. Damn you’re a sick fuck. J/k.

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