Laughing at the New Agenda – a Waste of Time

Dropping Out of Society – The Only Way to Keep From Hate

Now, my relative was a bigot. He would see shows with Blacks and make fun of that Black person, calling him the n-word. In fact, like others in my family, he was always making one racist/homophobic etc. comment or the other about something! But it is such a waste of time, especially now as The New Agenda is pretty much unstoppable and coming toward a zenith. You did see the article I posted on here about 2019’s Oscars right?

Laughing at something that cannot be stopped not only is a waste of time, but it kills your soul. It turns you into a monster because of course, hate and racism are wrong. Who are we kidding here (moralfag accusations -aside)?

As I was saying in the last article, a person should seek out fame or whatever satisfaction they want outside the mainstream. They should just view this world as lost – like a nuclear holocaust happened!


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