Dropping Out of Society – the Only Way to Keep from Hate

On the Anti-White Agenda at the Oscars as Noted by Stormfront

Well, with my drum lesson thing, I’m not trying to get on the major networks (PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, Showtime etc..).  There’s no chance of being booted off in favor of affirmative action of course, assuming my stuff was good anyhow.

Anyway, definitely white people (or others) holding on to this world are going to be hate-filled more than not because it’s all going the way of an agenda that, while it is supposed to be kind and enlightening, is rather making hell on Earth!  I mean, look at the rage in White nationalism!  Do I need to say more?

So definitely the solution is for someone to buy or get some way their own audience independent of the mainstream.  The downside is you might feel your stuff is inferior in some way, but certainly, a person can measure what real quality is.  There’s no need for mainstream approval.

Now myself, I built up a huge following.  I think it’s high quality and also importantly – the internet gives me that option and I don’t see that right coming down in my lifetime.

Doing this cause I’m a racist?

Nah, no way.  I’m simply a person that realizes the fight to take back society – like White nationalists want is a losing battle and one where you lose your soul. That’s what I think and plus, again, I’m not a racist, but I wouldn’t want to cooperate with a world with this freako agenda going on!  I don’t think I’d get a fair shake anyway – even being disabled and weight challenged, lol.

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