Oh the Hate from Stormfront – so Amusing (Green Book Movie)


Who visits this forum? Frustrated cops? The Travis Bickle character off Taxi Driver, lol?

Sounds about right.

Oh to live in a sundown town…

Those people knew how to keep their communities safe.

We need a White book I’ve never been in USA and I think I light be socked by all non Whites living there

We need to bring segregation back until they can all be deported. There seems to be at least one random Negro at almost all establishments these days. Acting obnoxious. Usually just hovering around by the door for some reason, with no car and not buying anything.

Negroes destroy our lives with violent crime. Everywhere they inhabit becomes a cesspool where Whites are raped and murdered. It’s terrible. Yet, this article turns logic upside down. Negroes push their way into White areas to avoid Negro crime.

The Open Road Wasn’t Quite Open to All nytimes.com, August 22, 2019 Recalling ‘Green Book,’ Guide for Black Travelers – The New York Times

Did Victor H. Green think that traveling to Harlem was safe? Or any other Black community?

They’d snatch Whitey and pull him down any alley available….

Just a bunch Jewrywood non-sense.

Oh, this takes the cake: 😆

Why didn’t they make a nice film about a Black couple using the Green Book to travel on their honeymoon before WWII?

No, they had to push it into the civil rights era and make it about a queer musician.

If they had portrayed it correctly, people might have seen how great segregation is in action. And that includes Blacks sticking with their own kind with things for themselves, too.

Queer musician (who is also Black)? Well, I guess that’s getting two birds with one stone, right? But we don’t want to rub it in lol?


Now, while there’s a heavy amount of truth to what’s said, and that makes it hilarious, it’s the tone that is wrong.  It’s not about what’s said but how it’s said. Also, there is so much over-the-top exaggeration!

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