On the Anti-White Agenda at the Oscars as Noted by Stormfront


Stormfront’s always good for some dark comedy:

Did anyone watch this mess last night? What a bad joke!

Rami Malek, other actors of color make history at 2019 Oscars in acting categories | EW.com

“People of color win majority of acting Oscars for the first time in history”

Here’s the list of non-white winners 2019: Oscar Winners 2019: Complete List | Hollywood Reporter

Rami Malek (Egyptian) – best actor

Regina King (black) – best supporting actress

Mahershala Ali (black) – best supporting actor

Here is the full list of 2019’s Academy Award winners:

Best Actor in a Leading Role — Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

About homosexual singer, Queen

Best Actress in a Leading Role — Olivia Colman, The Favourite

About a lesbian love triangle in the English royal court

Best Director — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

About a Mexican maid

Best Picture — Green Book

Uneducated uncouth white guy is hired to drive around and work for a genius black man.

Documentary (Feature) — Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Free Solo

Actress in a Supporting Role — Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Makeup and Hairstyling — Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, and Patricia Dehaney, Vice

Costume Design — Ruth E. Carter, Black Panther

Production Design — Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart, Black Panther

Cinematography — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Sound Editing — John Warhurst, Bohemian Rhapsody

Sound Mixing — Paul Massey, Tim Cavagin, and John Casali, Bohemian Rhapsody

Foreign Language Film — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Film Editing — John Ottman, Bohemian Rhapsody

Actor in a Supporting Role — Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Animated Feature Film — Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman

Animated Short Film — Domee Shi, Bao

Documentary Short Subject — Rayka Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton, Period. End of Sentence.

Visual Effects — Paul Lambert, Ian Hunter, Tristan Myles and J.D. Schwalm, First Man

Live Action Short Film — Guy Nattiv and Jamie Ray Newman, Skin

Best Original Screenplay — Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, Green Book

Best Adapted Screenplay — Spike Lee, Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum, Raymond Mansfield, Jordan Peele, BlacKkKlansman

Original Score — Ludwig Goransson, Black Panther

Original Song — Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt, “Shallow,” A Star Is Born

But that is BECAUSE of their colour rather than abilities.
At this rate blind people will be given school bus driving licenses.
“Are you capable” doesn’t matter it is what libtards think that wins the day…… and wins the future….. we need to hurry up.

Is it, though?

It’s Affirmative Action now at the Oscars

Give the negroes & mexicans 100% of the oscars. I don’t care. I quit watching that many years ago. It’s jew BS. I remember Woody Allen used to win oscars all the time, cuz he’s a jew. What I really hated about the oscars was that they never gave any awards except for special effects to the movies that I liked. It was a travesty.

Ahhh poor baby – what was that?  Please tell!

Let Hollywood implode on itself, the White egotistical leftist actors and actresses will start to feel left out and may wake up to political correctness.

Or will they just sit on the sidelines while not being recognized?

Interesting theory – might be something there!

The only white person I could tell won in one of the acting categories is a white English woman who played a lesbian.
The movie Bohemian Rhapsody about the gay lead singer of Queen also won a few awards.
Had to be gay or non white to win!

Yeah, of course – LOL !!

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6 thoughts on “On the Anti-White Agenda at the Oscars as Noted by Stormfront”

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      Screw that behavior. That’s not cool. Any female readers of mine, please don’t do this. Don’t go over to some guys apartment, take your clothes off and stroll around naked for two hours refusing to put out or do anything sexual.

      That’s being a dick tease. We men hate dick teases more than anything. I think a lot of us frankly feel like killing them. That’s how much it pisses us off. I’d never kill or even hurt a woman over that and I don’t recommend anyone else do that, but it does arouse some rageful feelings in me.

      The main thing is you are just asking to get raped. If you go over to some guys house, take off your clothes and stroll around for hours refusing to do anything sexual, if you get date-raped without serious violence, I swear I will vote to acquit the guy. I really dislike rapists, but I think I hate dick teases even worse.

      1. The more “rapee”, not full rapist, I get the more women like me. Mexicans seem to like me the most, I thought being old and White were both attributes. I’d expect they’d be easy for you, unless a donkeys involved.

        1. The more “rapee”, not full rapist, I get the more women like me.

          See how they are? Then they make flirting, dating and sex with women illegal. Hell, it’s even illegal to talk to them lol, look at me.

          That’s one thing I really dislike about women. They’re so two-faced and hypocritical and nuts. How the fuck are we supposed to deal with a double game like that.

          “The rapier you are, the more I love!” Sexual harassment? You assaulted me! You raped me you bastard! The rapier you are, the more I love it. I’m calling the cops!”

          See what it’s like to be men lol.

          LOL my favorite kind of sex could be called “consensual rape.” I like to work em over pretty good and dom them hard lol.

        2. See? He called me a liar. No one believes the crazy shit that happens to me women-wise. What can I say? Good-looking men get away with absolute murder with women. I could tell you stuff that happened me and very handsome men I know and everyone would say, “No way! That never happens to any man!” Except it happened to me. And to them. Very good looks plus killer Game is an insane combination.

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