Jim Crow South – Partially Because of What the Blacks Wanted Maybe

I was with this black church – and we traveled to the deep south – and that was the first time – being white – seemed to be a problem inside of a church.  Well, the congregation made a comment I could be part-black and then some middle-school girl called me a honky  (totally unprovoked – I was a sweetheart – really).  Well, the point being – they have a serious problem with race there.  In fact, it’s a wonder the Civil Rights movement happened there at all, anyway.

Anyway, the Civil Rights movement in the South might have been more about something else – than rights – because, honestly, most of the blacks were probably perfectly content – having nothing to with whites at all! I mean, parts of the south might have well been “New Africa” or something.

Could it be?

The Civil Rights movement was more about blacks living in “less racist areas” but not ones totally free of racism?   Well, it could have been about the fact that “separate but equal” was really “separate and unequal”?  In other words, anything offered to the blacks was trash – and only making it equal would stop it.

Blacks don’t really like white people

I heard this from old-timers – and it certainly would apply to the deep south , urban north- where generally, they don’t like whites – but the males might drag in a white woman out of lust occasionally (adopted into the tribe).

Anyway, this is not the scene in West Virginia and many other areas of the US – simply cause there isn’t as many blacks and black IP – doesn’t have a foothold.

What about White Identity Politics?

Seriously, it’s not as annoying in the mid-south as you’d think – though it does exist in areas.  Anyway, overall – a black person is more welcome in West Virginia – then a white person is in black areas of Mississippi etc..

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