Aren’t Whites Who Complain about Black Harassment Snowflakes?

I’m just thinking of this “hypothetically”.  I mean, some Whites whine on and on about how mean Blacks are and how they hurt their feelings (calling them honky, cracker – whatever), but when it comes to other matters – like say, sex and/or social relations – they think anyone complaining about so-called White male oppression are sissy snowflakes!  Am I correct here?

Well, anyway, if @Robert Lindsay’s Black-a-block plan will have any chance, people have to be willing to tough out a little “childish hate”.

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17 thoughts on “Aren’t Whites Who Complain about Black Harassment Snowflakes?”

        1. Not really, see below. Real people saying shit to your face is different from talking on the net or reading it.

        2. In Response to @PB:

          So anyone trying to be a friend of a Black is a snowflake? Of course that’s what you’re saying here.

          No, people trying to be friends with anyone – including Blacks – are hurt by these words because when said, it’s not trash talk at a basketball game – it’s mean words meant to hurt.

          Trash talk is a fantasy – the people hearing it don’t take it seriously, nor do the people who say it. However, real talk is real. And if trash talk is said to a stranger, they’re liable to punch you in the face or worse. I mean, this isn’t White Men Can’t Jump

          1. A Black has never hurt my feelings. I wish they could so I could feel their pain. I’ve never hated Blacks a year of my life, but I’m not too impressed with them either. Historically, the Black eunuchs seem the most ideal.

    1. Mostly I laugh it off but I taught in the heart of the ghetto, right next to Watts. The hate of Whites is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I had some shitty thug Black kids in there tormenting me calling me honky, cracker, peckerwood, etc. and honestly it did get to me. Black kids can get to you. One time I had a chaotic class that was humiliating me and some Black teachers came in. One man looked at my face and his expression caved in. I was almost in tears, and I’m a hard man who almost never cries.

      Mostly I laugh that stuff off but when it’s real people calling you that and a group of them at that, that’s a whole new ballgame.

      1. I wonder if the hate got to you more than the words. I wish Whites had a “nigger” equivalent. What’s the worse White slur?

        Blacks can be cruel. When I rode the bus for school Blacks tormented the bus driver. In college, Blacks harassed a midget by singing the “oompa loompa”song.

        1. Oh yeah. Of course it was the hate. But the words get totally weaponized when you combine with that mocking, ridiculing hatred. It never bothered me in my life to be called cracker, honky or peckerwood, but that time it got to me.

          Also they were giving those words a snide, insulting, sarcastic, belittling tone to them by saying them in weird, funny ways. Like they would say, “Hunk hunk hunk hunk hunkEEEEEEEEE!” A few would say it at once, and they would all laugh.

          There were some 15, 16 year old boys in there, and they were already proud fathers. I told them that’s bullshit. It’s not cool to be knocking up girls when you are 15 or 16 years old. I told them it’s lame.

          Then they started in on me. Also they made a fake complaint to the principal that I used anti-Black slurs to them.

          I had to go in to see the principal. He was this very light-skinned handsome Black man maybe 45-55? with a huge smile on his face, very friendly.

          I told him that I never used any anti-Black slurs. All I did was criticize those boys for knocking up girls when they were 15 or 16 and then being proud of it. He looked at me like I was a hero, and he said he agreed with me 100%, that it was lame and uncool, and I was right to chide them about their immoral, fucked up behavior. He was like, “Good for you! Give them some morals lessons, dammit!”

          1. Come on @Robert Lindsay – you’re saying bullying is natural to boys and encouraging it BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE IT. Especially, you can’t handle the sissification. It’s kind like stuff I endured being called “Faaaagooooot” (mocking a goat sound).

            Well, nobody can handle it. That’s why I quit the church across the road from me. That’s why I essentially live in a hole – isolated in my room on computers all the time.

          2. “Faaaagooooot” (mocking a goat sound).

            That is pretty funny though, sorry. I just made that sound to try it on and I’m laffin’. Bullies are hilarious even though they are often bad people or at least regular people acting bad.

          3. Stop making shit up from your isolation hole, Jase. Making up shit all the time is unmanly and lowbrow. What does the Bible say about lying Jason? Are you a MAN of God or just a hunchbacked assistant for the father of lies.

        2. “Sadism”seems to be part of the basic Black personality, in my opinion. Of course the more you civilize them, the less you see it, and many grow out of it as adults, but I am convinced that it’s a part of their African makeup.

          There are countless reports out of Africa of people being tormented, tortured, and killed while crowds partied it up and laughed like they were at a party. And there were as many women in the crowd as men.

          That’s one part of them that got taken out of them by civilizing them here. It’s still there, but not nearly as bad, and it’s mostly in Black men. Black women can be mean but they are not particularly sadistic.

          And a lot of Black men graduate out of their bad behavior around age 33, when their crime rate drops by a lot. And it just so happens that at age 32, Black men’s testosterone crashes all the way down to levels even below that of White men.

          I’m sure that the hormone levels and the violence crash are completely coincidental. /s

          1. Of course, I can understand why a lot of Whites hate Blacks – mainly because Blacks are bullies of the most “sissification” variety. But honestly, Whites aren’t much different if you happen to get on their bad side.

          2. Blacks are far worse sadists and bullies than Whites. No contest at all. Definitely in childhood. Even in young adulthood maybe. But it’s mostly Black men. Black women just seem like women to me in that. Women aren’t bullying sadists.

            I mean, yeah, humans are bullies and sadists, sure. Every race. But you see this a lot more in Blacks and at a much more intense level. You think living in a White community is tough, try being an outlier or designated victim in a Black community. Pure Hell.

      2. Peckerwood, cracker? That’s just monkey stuff they hear on movies. TV. Seriously, until they come South. they haven’t seen a real one!

        Now, I see what @Robert Lindsay is saying. See, just like there’s tons of white motherfuckers in Tennessee – the same exists in Black majority areas – and it’s incredibly annoying. However, I can laugh off some of it as a tourist, but if I lived in those areas all the time, eventually the bullying (sorry for cliche word) would cause flight or fight.

        O.K., an instance happened at a mall: These Black guys were teasing me while I was at a Charleston food court saying honky and giggling. In another instance, when I was walking around the mall, one guy was saying “Get out my way, honky!”.

        But this is no different than in Tennessee where because of what I said on Facebook, this peckerwood dick (a young guy) was saying, “You suck nigger, lol,” when I was at Wal-Mart. All this, no matter what race, is just stupid young dicks looking to get a rise out of “designated victims”.

        1. I do not believe you should be a designated victim and no adult should be one anyway. You’re not a severe outlier. You’re a normal person basically. Why make someone like that a designated victim?

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