The R Word

No, I don’t mean rebel or redneck, lol.  I mean, retarded.  Like, ooooohhh, he’s soooooo retarded!!

Anyway, there was a movement on my campus a while back to “end the R word,” but it strikes me as oversensitivity. Someone randomly saying it is usually not targeting the mentally challenged. Anyway,  a lot of the people saying it are White Trash (or Black Trash, etc.).

They’re just not the most sophisticated people, and they don’t probably don’t go to college – not knocking the deplorables LOL. If they are going to college, they’re probably the worst students, or at minimum the least refined. I mean, go back to Married With Children already LOL.

Despite what @Robert Lindsay says, there’s quite a bit of projection going on, as the people picking on the retarded are often ne’er-do-wells because they’re on the prowl looking for someone weaker than they are to improve their own self-esteem.

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