Some of The Deplorables Are Deplorable!

Some of these people are incredibly unsophisticated and the type you’d rather not be around or have anything to do with. For instance, there was this one girl in this college class I had, and she would mock another student – his voice – and other times, say, “He’s soooo retarded,” etc..

She always had this smug look on her face, and  would often dress immorally as if she was going to get some at college. I say, “Go back to Wal-Mart already!” or “Go back to the Married with Children sitcom already!” – do us a favor!

Is Hillary right in calling fly-over Americans deplorables? Well, certainly many are not very nice people. They’re the kind of people who would call White people the n-word out of the side of their mouth or mock someone in a wheelchair.

I guess you would just call them bitches – a product of a bad upbringing and no education. But of course WN’s and also Republicans defend these bitches, attacking those who call them out as cucks or gay.


Probably most or at least a slight majority of non-Whites are the same way. I’d say the problem is more that they are low-educated trash along with the fact that they have no empathy and sophistication for some reason.

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