Homosexuality in the Arab World: A Rundown

Polar Bear: I don’t get why Jews are the most gay-friendly Semites. Was homosexuality intended for the Gentile sheep? Perhaps the overcrowed urban areas in Europe or Jewish ghettos made Jews gayer than Arabs.

I’m not for Muslims throwing gays off rooftops like eagles dropping turtles to break their shell/closet. Maybe that’s the Semites’ natural state though, with the newly imported Jew going against the dominant culture of most the Middle East.

Ha ha, there is more homosexuality there than you think. Gay men who go to the Arab World say it is full of homosexuality.


I read about a gay man going to Syria, and he said men were hitting on him everywhere. There is still a lot of male homosexuality in Syria. A Grinder search found a lot of men, even in ISIS-occupied Raqqa! However, Syrian police regularly arrest gay men. They beat them up and order them to fuck each other while the cops watch, laugh, and mock them.


Gay male Syrian refugees were found in Beirut where they were living many men to a house and complaining of a lot of homophobia in Lebanon. Hezbollah regularly beats up gay men.

Gay men are regularly murdered in Palestine. No one is ever arrested.


Another gay man went to Kuwait and said the same thing. And he fucked some guy on the beach at night, apparently a regular thing.

Saudi Arabia

A Kuwaiti friend told me that “half of Saudi men are gay” and that this is a big problem in Saudi culture, with the women complaining about it a lot. A man went to Saudi Arabia and said that there were actually gay bars there that were accepted as long as everything was on the down low. Even straight guys walk down the street arm and arm though, so it’s easy for gays to fit in.

Lesbianism is a huge problem at the girls’ schools with love affairs and wild breakups disturbing the environment a lot. Lesbian affairs among the Saudi princesses or sheikhas are quite common.

The Arab World is all about propriety or appearance. For instance a wild out-of-control gay male wedding in Saudi Arabia got busted for getting too loud and out of hand. A number of men were dressed as women at that event. They got prison terms.

Although Saudis supposedly execute gays, not much is done about them in truth.


The leader of Oman is regularly rumored to be a gay man. Whether he really is or not is not known.


In Iraq, gay men are regularly murdered and prosecutions are nonexistent. The Shia in Iraq in particular hate them. There was a controversy when Ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa that said that the punishment for male homosexuality was death. Shia death squads have been running around murdering gay men in Iraq, often in horrible ways, for some time.


In Egypt there is a lot of homosexuality. Gay men go there and say that teenage boys hit on them in the boats you rent on the Nile. One gay man visited an older gay male couple who lived discreetly in Cairo. As long as they kept it on the down low, no one cared.

Up to ~2

There were arrests of a large wild gay male party on a boat on the Nile. Once again it had gotten very wild and out of hand. There was a very public and raucous trial in which many of these men were sentenced to a few years in prison. It’s all about propriety. Gay male behavior is permitted as long as it is on the down low. When it gets loud and open, there are crackdowns. You have to keep it on the down low.


North Africans are Berbers, not Semites. There is a lot of male homosexuality in Morocco. Novelist William Burroughs and his entourage lived in Tangier for a while, regularly buying teenage boy prostitutes. The locals didn’t like it but nothing was ever done. The writer Paul Bowles also lived in Morocco most of his life, and he lived an open gay life there. No one seemed to care much.


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22 thoughts on “Homosexuality in the Arab World: A Rundown”

  1. Seriously, gays to these bozos are just shy/weird guys. I mean, I remember getting mean, mocking looks from these Saudi exchange students at my university.

  2. Wow, half of Saudis, the most purely Semetic group! The other percenntages are sizable as well. I say uncover their women and give the men access to them.

    1. No shit. Give it up, Muslims. You’re creating whole societies of faggots, you morons! What the fuck do you idiots think you’re doing? Great religion. Creates whole societies were most of the men are out and out faggots. Wonderful.

        1. Cyrus! You’re back! LTNS. I got kicked off the WordPress site, so I set up my own site on my own host here. Out of curiosity, how did you find this new site?

          1. ROBERT! I never really left. I’ve always followed your site since about 10 years ago.

            In fact, I followed you through your intellectual persecution by WordPress, as well as the search engine/megalomaniacal multinational Google corporation. What happened to you is straight up bovine excrement but alas, a sign of the times to come.

            Currently, if one simply types in “Robert Linsday blog” in either Google or DuckDuckgo, this current site popes up toward the first. There was a time though, perhaps last year, that you were hard to find. In fact, it was easier to happen upon your detractors for a while than yourself.

            Not anymore though.

            P.S…You still take contributions on here?

          2. Contributions. You mean like money? Hell yeah. And I need it too. I run $200 short every month and have to go on credit cards. Obviously that’s not sustainable. I need to get that damned PayPal button up there. Anyway, there are instructions on there how to donate.

            Did you mean some other sort of contributions? Like guest posts?

          3. I want to write some posts about Iran. If I do that, will you comment (probably)? That makes it a lot more likely for me to write them. I also want to write about the Iraqi Shia, Hezbollah, etc. I know that’s your background, so I figured you might be interested.

  3. “Mocking looks” means very little. I’ve sat through classes with Blacks and Trannies complaining about White cis men looking at them wrong. Maybe they are insecure and paranoid.

    Hey watch out. If they were female, they could have gotten people banned for
    “harassment.” It’s harassment to look at women wrong, to talk to them, Hell, maybe even to look at the precious snowflakes at all!

    1. Actually, White Bubba types are pretty paranoid too. You don’t see them living in non-White neighborhoods BECAUSE they don’t feel comfortable there. Maybe they might have a good reason to feel this way due to Black crime, but many probably just can’t stand being a “fish out of water”.

      Let’s face it, all people are like this if they are out of their comfort zone.

      1. No one does. Bubba’s only human. Jesse Jackson feels more unsafe in a dark alley with a young Black male than a White. An Arab would feel safer seeing a Black eunuch though. Semites seem to run the Blacks more efficiently.

        In Africa itself, Blacks are the most beastly. Pygmies getting raped and cannibalized is one example of that.

        In the West, Jews have attempted to harness Blacks’ spirit to create anti-White Black Uruk-Hai or demons to do their bidding. Before that, Western Whites were trying to civilize them to make them more like Whites (angelic/elven). This is part of the reason older Blacks behave better and “youfs” worse. The other part the young Blacks’ high T.

        In the Middle East itself there’s less middle ground. The Black is the Semite’s slave or ash in the sand. The Black eunuch guards virtue as the ideal noble knight would in Europe. This is the civility Whites want for Blacks – no ifs, ands, or buts.

        1. Yeah, some have noted the black’s naive love of Islam. All the Islamics wanted to do was enslave them – and also they want to promote incest.

  4. I’m not a homophobe but I kinda enjoy the graphic videos of Middle-Eastern Islamofascists throwing gay men off buildings.


    I don’t condone any killings no matter what. Besides, the person perceived to be “gay” isn’t always like that. He might have been on the down low or just been mistook for someone else. And fuck the Islamo-fascists, they’re sickening beings.

    LOL but what do you think of this video? I think all straight men are homophobes to a certain degree.

  5. The women look just like the men. They are equally ugly, so that could be the reason why fagottry is so prevalent in those countries. Not 1 female over there is attractive. Them some ugly women. No wonder they keep them covered up.

    1. Them some ugly women. No wonder they keep them covered up.

      LOL. They keep em covered up because they’re so damned ugly, eh? LOL good one.

      1. LOL there’s a percentage that fits that bill. Covered women seem more homely. There’s a drive for beautiful women to show what they have. I’ve seen great looking Muslim women cover-up and seem less happy. I’ve also noticed Muslim babes that ditch their coverings seem happier.

        1. That makes a lot of sense. Women like to decorate themselves and display their wares, so to speak. In most any human society.

  6. More Semitic= more gay, Saudis at 50%. Their Northern cousins less Semitic and less gay.

    Shiites are the least gay Muslims. Aqua eyed Raudha Athif was likely killed by Islamic prudes. Saudi princess goes missing. Former princess Ameera is a hot Saud.

    Jews get accused of liking their Holy Book more than beauty. Muslim extremists seem even more into Book over beauty.

  7. Hi,
    When discussing beauty and ugliness in the Middle East, I once met a young lady in Saudi. She was that ugly that Al Jazeera refused to film her?

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