But Isn’t Small Town Doucheness Justified in Keeping Society from Becoming Soft?

Often defenders of these flyover jerks  (who perhaps are a minority even among flyover types) will defend their unsophisticated, obnoxious ways by saying the opposite society, the liberal PC one, is soft and fake.

I’m certainly not in favor of a crybaby society, but some of the flyovers – and you can see the worst ones on Stormfront – are simply people whose very aura is an abomination! I claim to be and act like a “tough guy”, but honestly, I’d prefer to stay as far away as Hell from most of these people.

I did try to get along with these people once. For instance, I was a guitar teacher, but I did a blues scale once, so a few students had to comment with the “n-word” jokingly. What? For a blues scale? What kind of retards are these?

In another instance, I tried to get a restaurant job, but my co-worker  was one of these Dixie cunts, so probably she had me fired simply cause she thought I was “reeetaaaarded”.  The actual motive though was jealousy because these people are in an in-group, and if you’re not one of them, then you’re a criminal.

Finally, the last straw came when someone in the family married into “The Addams Family”. Oh man, this has been such a joke. What a bunch of trailer inhabitant idiots! They can’t cease with their racism and constant belittling of me and insulting/extortion of my family.

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9 thoughts on “But Isn’t Small Town Doucheness Justified in Keeping Society from Becoming Soft?”

  1. I don’t buy into the superiority of non-flyovers. Jason, you’re not typical. I think there’s a Southern softness and kindness towards Blacks. There may even be more modern racism North of Dixie.

    My TN uncle loves my Black uncle. I’ve seen old Black women be understanding of hillbilly Whites from the South. Watched Bourdain’s West Virginia episode and you can see Blacks/Whites more as one than they are almost anywhere.

    Watched Bourdain’s West Virginia episode and you can see Blacks/Whites more as one than they are almost anywhere.

    Well in part that is because that state, West Virginia, is 99% White.

    A Black as block. Spread em out and civilize ’em!

    1. Yeah, your right. Well, blacks are incredibly douchey in black majority areas. A lot of them act like they’ve never seen whites outside of TV and movies. Anyway, I’m guessing whites are more tolerant of whites hanging with blacks – in say West Virginia – then blacks being tolerant of blacks hanging with whites – in Alabama.

      A big problem is that the deep south and urban areas of the north haven’t gotten over the past.

      1. I’ll add, one Black uncle isn’t Black culture. Nor are token examples of good Blacks. A Black majority is Black culture.

        Most Whites do not want this when it happens. Whites are like women with rape fantasies, they don’t know til they live it.

          1. They did. It was an actual government project called Blancamento or something. It was a desire to dilute out the Blacks of Brazil. They succeeded somewhat because the place is full of mulattos, zambos, etc. Not too many pure Blacks left – 4%. It lasted for a hundred years.

            For a while there they were only importing Portuguese and other European immigrants with the expressed purpose of breeding out the Blacks. I don’t care about breeding out Black people in some region. So what? You just end up with a lot of mulattos, many of whom think they are Black anyway.

            Mexico actually did dilute out Blacks. Back in Revolution times, there were a lot of Blacks in Mexico. There are hardly any left. The Mexicans say that they “left.” LOL yeah. The left and went into the Mexicans’ genes. Your average Mexican is 3-5% Black.

            That’s nothing, but if you tell a lot of Mexicans that, they act offended or like you are lying and telling some offensive lie. Mexicans really don’t like Blacks. They are way worse than Whites are.

            Argentina had many Blacks in the late 1800’s. They vanished off the face of the Earth. No one knows where they went. Apparently they just went into the Argentine gene pool. Your average Argentine now is 3% Black.

  2. On an unrelated note, how cold is it right now where you are living?

    I’m in Calcutta and I can barely type anything because my hands are frozen. It’s 14 degrees celsius at the moment in afternoon (58 degrees for you Fahrenheit users). Early morning it was 8 degrees celsius (46 F). It’s been continuously chilly for at least 72 hours.

    I’m shivering in this most miserable weather. We don’t have any indoor heating in this part of the world. It’s impossible to keep warm. During summer, we have air-conditioners.

    How’s the weather like in California? Do you need indoor heating there? What about the other places?

    Any tips on how to keep typing in this miserable cold?

    1. We had an unusually warm Christmas in Tennessee at about 67 degrees F. However, there has been massive cold spells this month and last.

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