Alt Left: Why Male to Female Transsexuals (Transwomen) Say That They Menstruate and Have Periods

Male to female (MtF) transsexuals (or transwomen*) have surgery and then they have what looks like a gaping hole for a fake vagina where their penis used to be there, and not a pretty gaping hole either. It typically looks absolutely disgusting, like something you would see in a surgeon’s operating room.

It is basically a wound and your body thinks it is a wound the whole time you have this fake vagina. They have to “dilate” their fake holes, sometimes for up to four hours a day. This is because the body thinks it is wound and keeps trying to heal it shut.

Apparently there’s a fair amount of bleeding that can occur with all of this dilating and with  the body trying to heal  this fake vagina.

As I understand it, this bleeding is what these transwomen refer to as their periods.

A number of transwomen also say that they get period cramps and pains “at a certain time every month.” Therefore, they claim that they have periods. That can’t be possible.

This whole matter is so stupid I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

*Please note that transwomen are not real women in any way, shape, or form, and they will never be real women at least as long as I am on this Earth. Nevertheless, I will refer to them as transwomen out of courtesy because this is what they prefer to be called.

These people are all crazy and seriously troubled anyway, and I don’t see why I should add to their emotional pain and trauma. These transwomen are human beings. Crazy human beings, sure, but human beings nonetheless. I work a lot with “crazy” people as a counselor, and I don’t hate anyone for being crazy. I tend to feel sorry for them instead. Nevertheless, I don’t understand why the rest of us need to go along with the delusions of crazy people.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Male to Female Transsexuals (Transwomen) Say That They Menstruate and Have Periods”

  1. Well, there is some serious demon possession, mental illness, or BOTH. I think it should be thought over – well, actually, it should be illegal, especially for minors.

    1. Face it, trannies are really fucked up people. As my Mom says with a grave expression on her face: “Well. Let’s just say that these are people with a lot of problems, ok?”


  2. The other day I was watching old episodes of Kenan and Kel on Pluto TV; it’s a sitcom from the late 90’s about two Black teenage boys in Chicago that aired on Nickelodeon. Jason has probably seen it.

    Well, there was an episode where Kenan and Kel enter a police station and encounter a cross-dresser on a payphone, and when they realize it’s a guy on the phone, they are totally repulsed, and Kel even does the “puke gesture” with his finger. Now do you think you would ever see such a scene in today’s film and TV?

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