Published vs Unpublished – Indie or Punk vs Signed Label

This was signed by record companies? Ugggh…

Make love like a man
I’m a man
That’s what I am, uh!

Don’t call me Gigolo
Don’t call me Casanova
Just call me on the phone
And baby come on over
When you need someone
When you need someone to…

Make love like a man
I’m a man
That’s what I am, yeah
Make love like a man
Your kinda man
That’s what I am

Another one – ha ha:

She’s my cherry pie
Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
Tastes so good makes a grown man cry
Sweet Cherry Pie

Unpublished and unsigned bands can be crap, and often even music  signed is crap because the teeny-boppers want to listen to the above stuff. They have no brain, like goldfish lol.

So how do you all feel about the debate? Who thinks one or the other is better, or do you have an in-between opinion?

P.S.: To Def Leppard‘s credit, they had many good songs, but the one above isn’t one!

What were they thinking?

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7 thoughts on “Published vs Unpublished – Indie or Punk vs Signed Label”

  1. Is this the kind of stuff they call hair metal? I can’t say I’m a great fan of it, but some of it is pretty good (like Van Halen). A lot of people love these bands, so all I can say is that it’s good entertainment no matter what its detractors have to say!

    1. All of it is good entertainment live – but honestly, all of it isn’t equal. I mean, you want to compare anything Van Halen did – to Sweet Cherry Pie? Get real.

    2. Some Van Halen is good. I actually like some Poison, and Twisted Sister. I went to see Ratt and Motley Crue in 1982, believe it not. Lots of hot, horny metal chicks!

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