Business Sense Isn’t Just for Rightwingers

Even though this is a socialist blog, I am in no way saying people should financially illiterate, and me giving business advice isn’t me backing monopolies or oppressive capitalism.

Well, the thing is as long as the US is capitalist, you have to prepared for it. In other words, if you get a windfall of money, you don’t burn it on drugs, living expenses, or maybe not even a new apartment or car. The best investment would be something to do with business, but of course, I mean a regular business – not some “cooperating with the enemy” thing like stocks and bonds.

Well, I’m not sure to invest in stocks and bonds or not, but it seems like if you invest in Babylon, then you’re going down with it. It’s kind of like people cheering at Nuremberg but also willing to get bombed for it!


Most extreme economic and/or cultural leftwingers use social media, WordPress etc. to get their message across, but if they were truly anti-establishment, they would not! Is this cooperating with Babylon? I’m not sure, but rest assured if they didn’t cooperate, they couldn’t get the message across. Rage Against the Machine is criticized because the capitalist rock and roll machine is what made them rich, yet in their songs, they’re always smashing capitalism.

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One thought on “Business Sense Isn’t Just for Rightwingers”

  1. Hi, I am not against markets or capitalism. I just want it regulated or under the arm of the state. I support the Chinese model of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is pretty much market socialism. So the position of this site would be for market socialism for sure.

    But we also support even social democracy. Even European social democracy, which is a very flawed model IMHO. I do like the Hungarian model though, more of a mixed economy.

    We support Venezuela, Bolivia, Russia, and Iran and they allow all sorts of businesses under their model. In fact, the economy is mostly capitalist in Venezuela and Bolivia. It is more mixed in Russia and Iran, but both have many businesses large and small and many rich people.

    So we support social democracy at least and a mixed economy.

    Of course this is a capitalist country. In such a country, you have to play by the rules of capitalism, which may mean doing a lot of unsavory things. So what! Carlos the terrorist’s father was a famous Venezuelan communist. He was also a millionaire. I don’t see a contradiction at all.

    Go ahead and buy stocks and bonds, especially bonds. It’s a sleazy game but so what? You have to survive under capitalism and more money is better than being poor and low income. Go ahead and make money in your capitalist society all you want to. You can keep your liberal to Leftist politics all you want.

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