Where Does Being an Alpha Male Monster Work (in Generating Respect)?

Well, it would work in a prison or slave over-seeing because a prison guard has total, life-or-death power over prisoners. I mean, who is going to get sued if some prison guard makes a chauvinist remark to a prisoner or even puts a water hose on one? It is possible even for them to go over the line. For instance, in cases of prison riots, it didn’t help if the prison warden was a total unsympathetic sack of shit!

Anyway, on a lesser level, athletic coaches, and especially drill instructors can get away with being mean because it’s thought that life-or-death training is going on for the athletes/recruits.

However, for grade school teachers, husbands and the like being a chauvinist jerk generally doesn’t work. It only shows they lack the ability to generate respect without being one. The chauvinism doesn’t generate respect anyway – in fact, it would just get you fired from being a teacher, divorced from marriage, etc.. In fact, it only works on masochistic women who enjoy being treated like it.

What Is the Cultural Right Complaining about?

Probably they’re looking at cases of p-whipped nice guys, but it’s possible to be a nice guy without being p-whipped. In fact, guys are p-whipped because they cannot generate respect. In fact, they’re probably cheating on the woman or not living up to manly obligations like getting a job, etc..

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