Sponsored Post: Types of Women Men Are Looking For 

Types of Women Men Are Looking For 

 A Housewife 

A man who wants his wife like this appreciates coziness and comfort the most. Cleanliness and order in the house, things neatly laid out in their places, starched sheets, and a hot three-course dinner are important to him. A quiet homely atmosphere, a delicious smell in the kitchen, evening hours for two together in front of the TV, and a freshly-ironed shirt for work in the morning are the things a man wants.

Those men work hard just need an island of calm and care at home to relax their body and soul from difficult everyday life. Such a man doesn’t care how long your legs are and how you dress – the main thing is that you know how to care for him and your house. If you cook well and are not afraid of being a housewife, then you will stick quite well together with a man that is looking for one. 

A Mother 

Such a wife is sought for by infantile men, men spoiled by maternal affection, or men who have not received enough of it. Representatives of this type of men expect from their future wife the role of the mother: to care, support, pamper, and love him no matter what. By being with such a man, you will have to solve all his problems, large and small, do almost everything for him, and hold his hand if he, God forbid, catches a cold.

Get ready to give a lot, but in return, do not expect anything. Unlike men who prefer housewives, who, in response to your efforts at home and caring for your husband, will give you their love and gratitude, infantile types are just boys – they only want to receive, and they consider this entitlement natural and taken for granted.

Be careful not to confuse these two completely different men. You can recognize a “boy” by the way he is overly attached to his mother, idealizes her, and often repeats that his chosen one should be a copy of his mother. In general, such men are not very independent and indecisive in life, so it is not difficult to recognize them. 

A Mother of His Children 

A man who wants to start a strong family with lots of children is interested in finding a good mother for his kids. For them, the continuation of their genes is important; therefore, a potential wife is evaluated in terms of her talents when it comes to motherhood.

This implies not only the ability to conceive and endure healthy offspring but also a strong desire to have a child (maybe more than one), the ability to get along with children, and a willingness to devote herself to the family.

Such men are not looking for incubators – it’s just that they value you as a reliable partner that is capable of producing offspring; love comes second. He will honor and respect you, no doubt. If the family is the main thing for you and you want to have and raise children, then you will create a wonderful union with this person. 

A Mistress 

This is quite a simple one, if a man wants a short-term relationship with a lot of sex, he will be interested in finding a mistress. In a woman, they value attractiveness, gentleness, and the ability to get them hooked. Men that are interested in mistresses know exactly what they want.

They are not interested in knowing how to find a girl to marry; they want something with less commitment and more fun. With such a macho man, you will feel like a real woman, always charming. The question is whether there will be enough romance and unforgettable sex for the development of a serious and lasting relationship with the possibility of further marriage. 

A Friend 

Some men seek a faithful companion in a woman, a partner whom they can rely on. By dating such a woman, he is looking for qualities such as devotion, an ability to support, an agile mind, a calm disposition, and patience. He tries to figure out a woman’s personality; he wants a reliable person with whom he can create a strong family that is built on respect.

Maybe there won’t be that much passion, but men who want a friend with to have guarantees of stability and confidence in the future. Their priorities are as follows: to achieve everything together, relate to each other with mutual understanding, and spend long evenings in meaningful, interesting conversations.

This is a great option for a woman who knows how to be a friend and needs a strong shoulder and support from her husband without him shutting her down or dominating her.

Let’s summarize everything that’s been said above. It should be noted that there are no truly correct or incorrect male ideas about women, just as there are no bad or good types of women. And of course, only you know what is right for you, what kind of a woman or a man you are, and what you want in a relationship. 


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8 thoughts on “Sponsored Post: Types of Women Men Are Looking For ”

  1. I’ll pick D, the “Mistress” most of the time. That’s because I am a single man and don’t believe in marriage or long-term relationships for that matter.

    Let’s now look at the other scenarios. For example, B, the “mother”. My mother’s dead and I wouldn’t want any woman to replace her. It’s just far too personal. I absolutely loved her and she is irreplaceable as far as I am concerned. So, definitely not B. I also don’t understand the nature of men who look for a mother in their girlfriends.

    But I don’t find it weird, it’s just not for me. In fact, I lose sexual interest in a woman if she wants to play mother. I just tell her to stop it immediately because it makes me real angry if any woman even thinks of replacing my mother. It fills me with a lot of hate.


    I don’t have children, so C, “mother of kid” is not an option. Hypothetically, if I did have a bastard kid (I always take precautions not to be in that situation), I would let his mother take care of him. I know that sounds selfish to be a deadbeat dad, but I just haven’t visualized my life with any kids. Maybe when I’m old enough, I’ll adopt a child. But even then it looks unlikely. I am just not that caring and attentive.

    I’ll always prefer a pet dog over an adopted kid. Again, I don’t want to sound cruel, just the way I am.


    As for A, “housekeeper”, it’s nice to have a woman take care of your laundry and food, but then such women become very manipulative in a relationship. They control your food supply and clothes so you can’t ever say no to them, on anything. They can literally kill you by poisoning your food.

    I am self-sufficient in my daily life anyway. Still a typically lazy man and I would rather not wash my own clothes. But no way I’m being with a woman just so she can do my laundry. That’s a lousy deal. I let the professionals handle that business. They get paid and I don’t have to worry about a broken washer. Fortunately, in my part of the world, it’s cheaper to find someone else to do your laundry.


    Lastly, E, the “friend”. That would be an interesting concept which I’m going to be more open about in the future.

    However I reserve the word “friend” only for males. Maybe because of the culture I have been raised in. Maybe I’m weird. But if I’m with a woman, it’s only so that I can fuck her whenever I want. There’s no middle path.

    I don’t mind having a beer with a girl, and we both shoot the breeze. But that’s because both of us know we aren’t going to enter a relationship. That’s not really friendship: it’s nothing more than being acquaintances. Maybe good acquaintances but that’s where I draw the boundaries.

    To think of it, after adolescence, I’ve never really had a female in my life that I wasn’t sexually attracted to. Also, the idea of fucking a friend is a bit weird to me.

    However, I’m more open to the current scenario E, the friend, compared to any other apart from the Mistress.


    I think most women prefer being B, C, or E. Relatively fewer of them want to be D on a long-term basis but they do exist.

    The ideal state of women is being A, they really want to CONTROL your lives by managing your food, laundry, and every other basic necessity. I think they’re just A, B and C rolled together. They’d love that any day of the year. What could be better than having a man at your beck and call? He can never leave you because he’s so dependent on you.

  2. My mother rarely cooked or cleaned, so I crave those qualities in a woman. Compared to my friends moms, she was cooler – just lacking the homemade chocolate mint on a clean bed. I enjoyed having the Hispanic lady do my laundry in Mexico. Even a simple thing like laundry is magical if done to perfection.

    Ideally, I want a Slavic harem. One woman would get an honorific title – this woman should be a friend. I would like to love one woman’s mind – the potatoes lying firmly beside my meat. The rest the of the concubines would be for variety, the spices seasoning my meat.

    1. Wait. Are you from the old site too? You are not the 15 year old Indian kid who was obsessed with IQ are you?

        1. Yeah you write just like Polar Bear. I thought you were him. I’m not sure you revealed your age to me. I think 35?

  3. A Friend

    Some men seek a faithful companion in a woman, a partner whom they can rely on. By dating such a woman, he is looking for qualities such as devotion, an ability to support, an agile mind, a calm disposition, and patience. He tries to figure out a woman’s personality; he wants a reliable person with whom he can create a strong family that is built on respect.

    This is the only choice for marriage. If a woman, doesn’t respect and you can’t hold interesting conversations – it’s hell on Earth!

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