A Lot of Average IQ Type People Are a Lot Smarter Than They Seem To Be

It’s no surprise that a lot of very intelligent people, especially with IQ’s in the gifted range – over 132 – think the world is full of idiots. Because when you are that smart, that is precisely the way the world seems to be, and it is quite hard to disabuse yourself of that notion. Instead of getting angry at geniuses for feeling that way, we should just shrug our shoulders and say, “Well, of course. They’re supposed to be that way.”

On the other hand, a lot of people with not particularly high IQ’s are definitely “smart enough,” and you meet these people all day long too. They’re smart enough to do their jobs and do them well. And they’re smart enough for me to be able to deal with them. They don’t necessarily seem like idiots, but a lot of others do.

In particular, it’s interesting that a lot of people seem to very quickly “speed up the pace” of their brains when they are dealing with me. I think most people of rather average IQ’s operate more or less on “slow mode” most of the time, maybe because it’s easier, and all humans are lazy.

Anyway, a lot of these people are capable of speeding up their brains a lot faster than they normally run them. Somehow when they deal with me, they perceive they are dealing with a very fast brain, and it’s often interesting how quickly people speed up their minds when they talk to me. And they often seem far more intelligent to me when they do that than how they seem on slow mode or normal mode.

That’s why I say that a lot of average type IQ people are “smarter than you think.” They’re a lot smarter than I think they are when I first meet them. People are always pleasantly surprising me that way.

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One thought on “A Lot of Average IQ Type People Are a Lot Smarter Than They Seem To Be”

  1. Culture could be making people lazy. Even a smart person raised in an entitlement culture won’t do nothing.

    Well, I know this black lady – and she seems to have a lot of white in her. Well, she’s obviously not retarded – and I’ve seen retarded – but she’s on a trust fund and generally is the type that plays with a cellphone all day and visits her mom.

    She could have probably at least achieved a two-year college degree maybe – but she’s literally been “culturally made lazy”.

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