The Green Book Movie

Of course, WN’s will slam it as more Jewish integration propaganda, but seriously, it was a good movie. I don’t want to go into spoilers, but it did come across as a portrayal of two real people, not cheesy stereotypes as in Driving Mrs. Daisy.

Anyway, always the question, “If Southern Whites were so terrified of Blacks, then why didn’t they deport them already?” I don’t know. I guess they were making money from them like they did when they were slaves. But hadn’t the mechanization of agriculture improved?

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8 thoughts on “The Green Book Movie”

      1. LOL do you believe IQ is bunk because I’ve started thinking so.

        I’m seeing a lot of lower IQ people who are way more successful than I (all my friends and acquaintances). IQ’s an outdated concept. If I were more intelligent, I would have been more successful. Simple!

        1. Not necessarily. I got two scores. 147 and 140+. I ain’t taking any more tests lol. And yeah, you can score lower than you used to. Supposedly the scores are not supposed to vary that much, but I’m not taking that chance lol.

          My brother got 140+ when young but recently got 125. I am not sure if that was a properly administered test though.

        2. Happiest people I know aren’t very intelligent. They seem to fit into married life well. Positivity and low intelligence may positively correlate.

          The happiest guys I know are the dumbest – big smiling mouths with fat non-muscular builds and big egos. They’re on the same page with their wives, likely the only person that can stand them. Simple pleasure seekers, they are not working with a lot so maybe need less. They like Jar Jar Binks. It’s a trade-off because while being blissful is positive, having low intelligence is negative.

          Really dumb people are tough to be around. They are ignorant of how dumb and annoying they are, so such flaws don’t bother them directly. I mean I’m happy but not that happy.

      2. Nah man, this is just a math one. I just wanna see what you get to tell whether or not this test is accurate. Also, mind sharing this with some of your maths friends?

  1. If (((they))) can keep it realistic, that’s something. In the Troy series, Greek Gods, Achilles, etc. are Black. The Witcher Netflix series fills Medieval East Europe with Blacks. Not to harp on Blacks but that’s who is forced into unrealistic roles. Why not make a Nubian movie with Blacks? Medieval Poland was called Jewish Heaven, not Wakanda. The swine media should cast more pearls.

    1. Ethnic/women actors hired to make movies unrealistic are a no-no. Well, America could be becoming that ethnic. But it’s going to alienate White people from small towns.

      Well, people in ads like for Wal-Mart or Target don’t bother me, but the movie stuff is pushing it.

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