Alt Left: Snobbishness/Isolation – the Source of So Much Racism

Some are racists from bad experiences from other races, but I suspect a lot are because they’ve never had any exposure to other races. For instance, there was a high school graduation outside of Knoxville, TN that had no Blacks graduating at all.

Also, I did mention the Black schoolgirl bullied to death for having “one White friend,” and indeed she came from a heavily-Black area of Alabama that might just as well been in Africa.

Face it, much of the US is unofficially segregated.   The “other races” that do exist seem to be more like paper images than real people.

I remember talking with this White South African about Apartheid in the past. He said he never took much mind to it because you didn’t notice it since there just simply weren’t any Blacks around except as maids, etc. That’s what WN’s want!

But Aren’t Other Races Crime Threats?

Sometimes they very well can be, but the isolation from other races of some of these Dixie people is comical. They might as well be on the Gone with the Wind set lol.


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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Snobbishness/Isolation – the Source of So Much Racism”

  1. Just the opposite from what I’ve seen, though we live in opposite areas. My uncle worked in a steel plant with mostly blacks and wasn’t a fan. Most I know do like blacks but aren’t around them. My family worked on shitty high risk jobs like on the Eirie canal. Elite Whites would never compete with non-Whites for jobs. The Whites as equals view is very non-elitist and Jacksonian. Dixie isn’t the original “land of cotton.” After importing it from India, Arabs decided to grow it themselves and imported many black African slaves to SW Asia to work the fields.

    1. Only equal at the expense of other races. That’s the price of some white lawyer having weekend picnics with a white janitor – maybe even the lawyer would let him marry his daughter.

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