Relative in the WN Movement

Since nobody knows who I am for security reasons, I can write this. But indeed this woman once had a phone call with the caller ID saying “Aryan Nations”. She probably made some excuse for it like saying she was reporting them to the cops, but I doubt it. She’s always been drawn to bad boys.

Sad thing because as a youngster she had a Black best friend. What went wrong? She ended up going to prison mainly because of hanging with small-town bad crowds, and this isn’t the drunk in the Mayberry jail crowd lol. No, these crowds are scumbags similar to what Taxi Driver (Travis Bikle) would hate I think!

Stay away from bad crowds no matter the racial background of them. They will drag you into their cesspool.


These people are drug dealers and racial terrorists. In fact, I highly suspect they drove out a woman married to a Black man with mixed kids living in my valley.

Anyway, not all racists are low-lifes. I also suspect racial terrorism going on in another area where my family lives, and it’s one of these middle-class Fox News environments.

But Isn’t Racial Terrorism Justified Due to Fear of Black Crime?

Not really. It’s just people being assholes. When one Black comes, more don’t come. That’s probably a fantasy.

Why Has She Became Like This?

She feels like everyone has let her down. She feels like everyone is weak and effeminate, so she resorts to being an asshole and seeking out the worst people on purpose.

This is a childish way to look at the world. In fact, most teens who once felt like this probably grow out of it.

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2 thoughts on “Relative in the WN Movement”

    1. I don’t know. I guess it could have happened, but there was massive harassment anyway – like fires lit at other homes on purpose, and a neighbor who placed a large White pride sign on his house. I mean I never saw that sign before or after that mixed race family was in town. There was even more sinister stuff going on than that. I think they were dropping racist propaganda on their yard.

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