But Doesn’t Robert Lindsay Only Hang around Smart Blacks?

I saw this comment on here. Surely this is mistaken. His moderate views were being slammed because he was accused of only being exposed personally to Lester Holt or Bryant Gumble-type blacks.

Definitely somebody who is liked by smarter Blacks or just Blacks  is going to have a more compassionate view of Blacks than someone picked on by Blacks constantly.

However, we need to look at things more scientifically and not be biased by feelings.

For instance, I had a relative who would always complain about Blacks, even in Northeastern TN. The reason is because he came from Texas, which is an environment with way more Blacks, and he just had never gotten over the negative feelings. What threat are Blacks in Appalachia? It’s a joke.  So when by relative made these comments about Blacks, to me it came across “as being an asshole”.

My relative was making the mistake of not looking at percentages. See, as @Robert Lindsay was saying, as Blacks increase in percentage, the meaner they are.

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