Racism and Its Relation to Morality Laws

I believe it’s a big reason behind them.


Following repeal, some states continued Prohibition within their own jurisdictions. Almost two-thirds of the states adopted some form of local option which enabled residents in political subdivisions to vote for or against local Prohibition. For a time, 38 percent of Americans lived in areas with Prohibition.[1] By 1966, however, all states had repealed their statewide Prohibition laws, with Mississippi the last state to do so.

Well, Mississippi is a religious state, no doubt. But I’m guessing it was real tough on morality – for the sake of the Black residents, not the White. Probably it’s expected some Whites would disobey, but they (the lawmakers) don’t care. In fact, as with pot laws, it’s all about controlling what are seen as dangerous populations. In fact, Prohibition itself was mostly motivated, probably, by Fox News types (of that era) concerned over those “darn immigrants” lol.

Another Insane Thing

South Africa literally banned TV until the mid-’70s, much later than the early ’50’s when TV became popular in the English speaking nations generally, and only because they feared chaos if Blacks saw White women on TV.

Feminists or Proto-Feminists Behind Moral Laws

@Robert Lindsay advocates this but I seriously believe the strongest force is racism.

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8 thoughts on “Racism and Its Relation to Morality Laws”

    1. Blacks would have no more joy in living there – than would anyone – now – (of any race) would want to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Who are we kidding here?

      Best idea? Head north or to Canada – lol.

      1. The old mens barbershop was the good ol’ days, I can still smell the homemade shaving cream. The “Apple Red” saying must be very old, slang seems very tough to trace. I’ve an interest in at least visiting both Iran and Saudi Arabia. Doesn’t get more Indo-European than Iran or Semitic than Saudi Arabia.

  1. Even light fascists are more moral than me in some ways. They are generally more degenerate than hardcore National Socialists, the one I follow is basically a White purity spiritualist. I suspect Robert is similar based on some of his “moralfag” posts.

    Robert knows more about antifa, I tend to dismiss them as Soros funded freaks. I’m usually right but there’s also some very smart ones similar to Robert. The Cultural Left even has an army of scholars who teach entire courses, have programs designed around analyzing evil White racism. If they don’t they are probably fired.

    The smartest option for self-preservation is to stay out of the war. History itself leans pro-White through much of the past. When you fight for the now or future it attracts even more visceral emotions.

  2. Of course, WNs would wet-dream to 50s (or before) Mississippi as being the “good ole days”. Not so great, though, if you’re the one being fucked.

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