Can Society Change? In Some Ways It Can, but in Other Ways, It Can’t

Teams that chose not to boycott Robinson gave him serious hell. The worst offenders were the Phillies and their manager, Ben Chapman, a Tennessee manager who led his players on a mortifying, non-stop tirade of racial slurs.

As if that wasn’t enough, some Phillies pantomimed as snipers, aiming their bats at Robinson as if they were rifles. It all reached near traumatizing proportions for Robinson, and it stunned even Dodgers players who were borderline on whether he should belong or not.

In Cincinnati—where more baiting, epithets and death threats were all being aimed at Robinson—the Dodgers had seen enough. Kentucky-born shortstop Pee Wee Reese, an emerging Brooklyn star on his own, finally answered the continued heckling by going over to Robinson, putting an arm around his shoulder, and loudly announcing to the Reds: “This is the guy, and we’re gonna win with him.”

Would this happen now? It’s unthinkable because the culture has changed thanks to cultural liberals (TV, movies, sports, integration in general, etc.).


Some things can’t be changed like how kids, via what seems like instinct, hate introverted peers. In fact, their hatred of those peers would definitely match anything Robinson went through for sure.

Other things that can’t be changed are what @Robert Lindsay mentioned, such as men liking booze, gambling, and porn. This stuff can be changed but not on a society level, unless the society became totally religious, as in real conversion. Now SJW’s are trying to change society without personal conversion, and it don’t work lol.

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