Women Are Very Envious of Each Other

Traditionally, one or more of my best friends has been a woman or girl. In fact, recently my best friend was a beautiful young woman. She got a tremendous amount of hatred from other women for a long time now. My best analysis of it is that they were envious of her looks and hated her for being beautiful.

As a student teacher, I worked at a junior high. One of our fellow student teachers was a beautiful red-haired young Jewish woman. The other women all absolutely hated her, and they treated her like total shit and laughed and joked behind her back but in a way that she could tell they were ridiculing her. The imitated, ridiculed, and laughed at her constantly.

She served me dinner one night at the house she was renting, and I told her how those women were treating her. It was not news to her, and she had figured it all out. She was baffled at this, but she concluded that they hated her because she was beautiful. I had to agree.

So women are envious of other women bigtime.

Men are not so obviously envious of others.

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