Men Are Much Less Envious of Each Other Than Women Are

Men are not nearly as envious of each other as women are. For instance, most men are not envious of Players.

Don’t know about today, but I was a famous Player as a young man. I was also always very humble about it, and even acted like I was embarrassed about my life. I do not recall any man being envious of me. In awe of me? Yes. Had respect for me? Yes. Treated me like a hero? Yes. Asked me, “How do you do it? How the Hell do you do it?” Yes. Tried to befriend me to gain access to women? Yes. Laughed at my exploits? Yes.

But envious? Hell no. At least I cannot recall. Men are not envious of Players. They are in awe of them and typically wish to befriend them to learn their secrets and get access to women. Perhaps if the Player is an arrogant, bragging asshole who acts like he is better than other men, it won’t go over so well though.

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7 thoughts on “Men Are Much Less Envious of Each Other Than Women Are”

    1. Are you from the old site, or are you new? We used to have a guy called One Above All on the old site. He was gay but nevertheless, he was always one of my favorite commenters. He wasn’t an asshole about his homosexuality.

      1. Yeah, It’s me, Oneaboveall, from the old site. We’ve actually had this conversation when I started commenting again. The One Above All is the name of an obscure comic character. They recently debuted his antithesis, The One Below All, and i liked the name better.

        I’m not gay, however. Maybe your confusing me with someone else? I don’t think gays would be posting pics of people like this like I did on your old site:

        1. Sorry I forgot about you.

          There was a gay guy who had a handle similar to that, I forget what it was.

          Wait a minute. You’re a woman?

          1. Ha, No, I’m not a woman. I posted a photo of Emma on the old site in response to response to one of your posts about teenagers not being children, since she was only sixteen (at a cosplay convention) when I met her. but she had novelty-size breasts even at that age. Asking rhetorically if she looked like a child. We agreed that she did not.

  1. A lot of women don’t like their men going to strip clubs and consider it cheating. However, what real cheating is going on? I mean, the whole scene is very fake. You can’t screw the women and someone would be retarded to think “real love” is going on!

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