Why Be around Blacks/Hispanics, and Other Thoughts

Fuck em. That’s the WN response. But then again, why be around Whites that are harassing you, especially when they can be categorized and avoided?  Well, would you encounter the same bullying by Whites in a flyover town USA public school as you would in some snowflake protected school or even homeschooling?

That’s the problem I have with homeschooling. Well, Christians are saying they’re doing this to avoid the “un-Godly” culture, but honestly, are you saying a kid raised at home is as tough as someone raised in a public school, even an all-White one?  There’s no way!

I mean, I would have a fairly cheery loving view of the world if I had been homeschooled, no doubt.  All those meanies like @Robert Lindsay lol  wouldn’t have existed!

But I’m not saying I was always picked on – in fact, I turned a 360 and became rather a daredevil later in school, but that wouldn’t have even been necessary if  I was in a protected environment from real kids.

Why Be around Black/Hispanics Causing Crime?

But why be around White ones either?  Well, getting out of any high-crime area, no matter the race is always wise, and the black/Hispanic ones are way worse, BUT as I was saying.


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