The Downfall of WN Outreach Is Christianity

Hitler was right in hating it because it’s always the core root of compassion that will stop the WN agenda. O.K., why should someone care about Blacks in the US or Africa?  Why should Whites care about non-Whites generally?  Why is there a concern for human beings over race?  I mean, why not imply resort to barbaric methods of society change based on proven racial statistics?

I’ve mentioned that Whites can be quite mean to other whites, but honestly, the racial element makes it much worse. In fact, even the worst homophobic/geek bullying doesn’t compare to chip on the shoulder going on in racism.

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One thought on “The Downfall of WN Outreach Is Christianity”

  1. On some level, you and Hitler are right. What do you love more, your race or Jesus? A Christian will typically choose the later. It’s also the softest of the Abrahamic faiths. I feel Judaism and Islam will dominate over at least modern Christianity.

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