Spot the Language 28

You’ll never get this one. Just forget about it. I will say that this is the language of what could be called a tribe, although there are tribes in Southeast Asia, Siberia, India, Central Asia, the Arab World, Africa, North Africa, the Americas, New Guinea and Australia.

This language still somehow has 2,000 speakers out of a population of ~10,000, so it is doing quite well. The other languages of this particular racial group are for the most part doing quite poorly, and many are moribund if not out and out extinct.

Since you will never get the right answer, just give us the general location where this language is spoken and if possible the racial group that speaks this language. Many of the 1,000 languages of this ethnic group have a similar look to them, and quite a few of them look a lot like the below.

Most of these languages are polysynthetic. This language has only three phonemic vowels, which is interesting. The following is actually an extended joke in this language.

Móhnôhonėhevōhe emȯhónėheo’o. Móhvêehevōhe. Na’ėstse mó’onéahtȧhēhe naa na’ėstse mó’ô’o’enėhēhe naa na’ėstse móho’nóhe’ȧhtsenėstse naa na’ėstse móho’nóhestsé’kónėstse naa na’ėstse móho’nóhestone’óoneestse.

Mósėsto’semȧhéestomo’hehevōhe. ”Nétȧhêemȯhónémáne!” móxhehevōhe. Naa nėhe’se mósėstȧhosotómoehevōhe.

“Otahe, nánéstóvó vá’kȯhéáso,” móxhehēhe tséonéáhtȧtse.

“Náa’hanehe!” éxhesėstse tséó’ó’énėstse.

“Taameha!” éxhetóvȯsesto tsésâahe’ȧhtsenéhetsese.


“Néhnô’oohé’toveha!” éxhetóvȯsesto tsésâahestse’konéhetsese.

Naa tséhne’éseevȧho’esotséóse móxhetȯhevōhe tséaâahestone’óonéhetsese, “Nevé’kénȯhéstóva néxho’xeha!”

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