Fear of Big Government

In fact, even Blacks and Hispanics would fear it. There is talk of sterilization, but the targeted groups believe they should be able to breed all they want and that any choke-hold on that is tyranny.  It’s like how people on Prison Planet believe they should be allowed to have guns of any type and run their lives independently of Big Brother.

The non-WN White anti-government crowd don’t have much hope for Blacks and Hispanics because with Big Brother cut off, there is simply no way to subsidize their kids to a large degree. In that way, they would have to shape up and take responsibility or face starving their own kids.

However, in Africa, women still have 5 kids each, even a world with no welfare encouraging it.

What would eventually stop that?  I suppose the modern lifestyle would, just as it has for Western nations and the former East Bloc.

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