Are Robert Lindsay and I on the Same Page?

On race maybe but not with bullying and the whole “man” thing.  I don’t believe bullying “is a positive good” – only an unavoidable consequence of living in the world.  Well, in that case, a person has to be prepared because kids and others won’t accept introverts to various degrees, with many kids being totally repulsed by them.

It’s a situation where introversion should be something kids would try to “help the shy person” – not pick on them, but it’s not reality.

Now regarding this masculine stuff, I’m not out to bash gays – only I think they should “stay in the closet”. I simply view the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as something wrong but not being a a slightly sensitive straight male or straight tomboy.  I think for instance, being a straight tomboy is light years from being a lesbian, much less a lesbian who tries to look like a man!

Picking on Misfits?

Get real, Robert Lindsay – kids are not really picking on misfits.  More than likely, they’re mad at them for being blabbermouths, jerks, and especially introverted.  It shouldn’t be a crime to be shy, but in grade school it is.

For instance, someone who is fat and shy will definitely get called fat. Also a blabbermouth who is disabled will get anti-disabled remarks.

Exceptions Regarding Bullying

As sort of already mentioned, blabbermouths will get bullied, but this stuff is dicey because some opinions shouldn’t elicit so much hate, but they do. However, some blabbermouths are so obnoxious and/or mean that bullying is totally justified.

Anyway, boot camp in the military is also bullying, but we cannot risk a soft armed forces or police force.

Kids Picking on Gays

It’s another anti-introverted harassment, as straight “shys” get the same thing.  In fact, they get accused of being gay when they’re not.   Anyway, if a truly outgoing and cool gay person existed among kids, I would even say they might accept them.  Well, definitely they would in high school or college.  However I don’t know how they would pull that off!

Well, generally, being gay in school goes hand in hand with being shy.

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4 thoughts on “Are Robert Lindsay and I on the Same Page?”

  1. I like Robert Lindsay. He’s my favorite blogger. I follow a lot of YouTube channels, Medium accounts, Twitter accounts, and a few fan music pages. That’s my daily Internet diet and addiction. Out of all of them, I think Robert is in a league of his own because of his refreshingly candid views and Hollywood/California mojo which most foreigners find very appealing.

    Robert is the only WordPress blogger I’m following at the moment. Oh shit, I forget WordPress had banned him. So technically there are none.

    That being said, we are not always on the same page on all issues.

    1- He stereotypes at the drop of a hat and has explicitly stated this is fine with him in the site description. I know he’s well-intentioned but stereotyping is something I almost never do. At least not anymore.

    2- I think I’m more pro-feminism in Identity Politics mold. Robert’s more of a pro-masculinist I believe, which is fine. My dad is like that and many others. I think it’s a generation thing.

    For example, I support #MeToo although it’s slightly hypocritical of me, as I have violated many women while accosting them for sex. Why do I do it? I think a lot of powerful men exploit women, which I find very disturbing. So, the world is already masculinist (maybe California isn’t). I like to cede some more political and social space to women.

    Essentially, if you’re a broke man and making a move on a hot woman, I would look the other way. I’ll even buy you a beer later because I admire your guts.

    But if you’re a rich businessman exploiting a prostitute just because you paid for her services, I’ll stand with the prostitute and protect her. And I have done that before. I was in a resort in Goa, and in the next room, a businessman was abusing a female escort. She was begging him to stop and go gentle on her, but he seemed a perverted BDSM freak.

    I alerted the hotel staff and knocked on his door telling him to stop what he was doing. He yelled back at me to “mind my own business”. Soon the hotel staff came and opened the door. The girl was half-naked and chained to a window sill. He apparently wanted to use some blunt instruments on her.

    Apparently the businessman had paid a lot of money for that suite, and he was shameless enough to scream at the hotel manager that he would “complain” and whatever he was doing to the poor girl was “consensual”. After they unchained her, she immediately ran towards me, and I hugged her.

    Of course he wasn’t arrested or anything. That hotel was well-known for attracting perverted guests like him. At least that girl left. She even refused to take money, but I convinced her that she needs to take the money, as she deserved it for harassment.

    I also asked her to file a police complaint. The businessman just laughed: he was on good terms with the corrupt cops and knew a prostitute never stood a chance with her.

    I saw how vulnerable the poor girl really was. She immediately bolted and left. Unfortunately, she has to be back on the streets someday and will meet more such sadist clients.

    This is an extreme example but good way to highlight that #MeToo is justified in many such instances where powerful men exploit girls.

    1. Honestly, rich guys are spoiled and demented. I mean, it’s like the movies Hostel (rich sex deviants) and Breakdown (kidnappers/bank robbers). Well, the 2nd movie isn’t about a rich class of people, though.

      Anyway, the idea is that they’re very arrogant and think they can do whatever they want. Someone has to put their foot down!

      So I feel sorry for some loser getting “me-too” thrown at them but not Bill Cosby. This whole “me-too” thing was bound to happen to the rich, just like the French Revolution was!

      “Teenie whores” going after Epstein as @Robert Lindsay noted? Yeah probably, but then again, Epstein was one of these super-rich elites who think they’re above the law like Trump. But unfortunately, Epstein hadn’t exploited flyover country rage lol!

  2. I’m very pro-women for a pro-White. I like non-Whites but I love the palette of Europe. The ancient history of nearly all groups fascinates me.

    I relate to Robert’s backlash, I think he gets more for going against narrative and actually being moderate. That’s how you get banned, strike a middle nerve.

    The other thing that triggers SJW’s is just being a White man. The only YouTube accounts of mine not banned are the ones where I pose as a woman. Anti-Whites would say I’m better than other “racists,” and I’d never be banned.

    Avatars were just 10’s. I did not set out to mislead. Gender and race are simple truths. The moral struggle seems to be with Jews most of the time. I don’t seek them out. When someone say my ancestors are evil or gay: Guess(((who)))?

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