Alt Left: All Identity Politics Groups are “IP Nazis”

All Identity Politics groups divide the world into followers of the IP (the good people) and opponents of the IP (the haters or traitors). They are extremely quick to throw people into the hater/traitor group because like all forms of IP, they are paranoid and see enemies everywhere, even though 80% of the people they say are enemies are innocent.

You see this even in Jews, and in fact, most Jews practice what boils down to Jewish Identity Politics. Some might say that Jews were the original IP group. I doubt that because I believe all IP is just tribalism. All IP also resembles any nationalism or ultranationalism, and that is why when IP groups get extreme, people start calling them Nazis.

All IP is really just tribalism, and that’s why all IP resembles nationalism or ultranationalism because all nationalism is just tribalism, and all ultranationalism is just fascism. To the extent that it is human nature to be tribal, we are all nationalistic in one way or another, and many to most of us probably have fascist tendencies.

Because most indigenous human tribes were extremely racist and were frankly fascists. The tribe’s rules are there are the good people (us and may be a few allies) and everyone else is an enemy. All the other tribes and the non-tribalists in your own group, who are called the traitors.

Starting to see  how feminism, etc. looks exactly like nationalism and tribalism? Starting  to see how all forms of IP look like ultranationalism and tribalism? Since tribalism and ultranationalism are two of the plagues on the human race, why on Earth should any decent human or especially anyone on the Earth support IP at all? They shouldn’t.

If you oppose  tribalism and ultranationalism (fascism) as any good person on the Left should, then you must also hate all forms of IP.

This is where the antifas who hate fascism and ultranationalism don’t make sense. Sure they hate ultranationalism and a few forms of IP such as the IP of the “enemies.” So they hate White IP, Men’s Rights IP, and even Straight IP if it exists. Those are all evil and must be wiped off the face of the Earth.  They’re all “fascism.”

Nevertheless, all antifa support feminazis, gay Nazis, tranny fascists, Black fascists, etc. They hate Jewish IP but Palestinian or Arab IP  (Arab nationalism) is just fine, when really those are just two types of fascism, Jewish fascism and Arab fascism.  So some fascists are ok (the marginalized or oppressed fascists) and other fascists are evil and must be exterminated (the ruling or oppressor fascists).

Obviously this is incoherent. A fascist is a fascist. A true antifa would hate all forms of ultranationalism and also all the fake nationalisms or IP’s (Identity Nazis):


Gay Nazis. Many of the anti-gays are remarking that the Gay Politics types are increasingly acting like fascists, and they are correct.

Jewish Nazis (Zionists).

Black Nazis (Black separatists, Nation of Islam).

White IP (White nationalists are obviously real Nazis).

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: All Identity Politics Groups are “IP Nazis””

  1. Honestly, the people spouting IP are in a bubble, but while I’m critical of that, it’s for their own good. Simply put, liberals in Nashville would get picked on some rural Tennessee county so much they’d feel like the family on Cape Fear lol.

    I suppose the opposite would exist with Blacks giving hell to Trumpers in an urban area. There was this TV show showing how on a college campus this Republican professor was constantly harassed.

  2. White IP, huge backlash from Jews and normie Whites. Barely any White Women IP, maybe Blonde or Brunette IP.

    Jew IP, more backlash on dark web. Most normies in real world think Jews are innocent. Jewish women can be either the most multicult secular or close-knit Orthodox. Jew IP seems most potent today.

    White IP scares people because of NS Germany flashbacks. Fascist Italy less scary. Italians are more romantic about it. People tend to blame Whites or Jews.

    Asians can be racial. I’ve seen yellow kind of put the shorter brown Asians in their place. Asians like to guess my race and point out that they age well, etc. I suspect Asians are mostly based and don’t hold racial views against each other.

    Black IP seems like it peaked with Malcolm X. Black Hebrew Israelites and Black IPers not taken seriously today.

    Men are naturally tribal. I think women just want the winner. Western White men are becoming less tribal and more womanly. The system supports this. Swedes get gender-neutral dolls. Jews remain more traditional and healthy.

      1. So what? Incels call anyone who is a non-incel a Normie. The word has a different definition based on which group uses it.

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