WN’s Eventually Will Resort to Mass Murder

With Africa’s population approaching 39 percent of the world’s population in 2100, what else could WN’s do? Well, the White population for sure isn’t projected to grow because they won’t have babies (5 or more per family).

But the ethical question is, “Is it right to murder other human beings because you think there are too many of them or there could probably be too many of them in the future?  Well, the Abrahamic religions would say no.

But this is a tough thing to write because you’re not supposed to make death threats on the internet. If Robert or I did – even on this hosting – we could probably get thrown off.

Anyway, I don’t favor murder in any circumstance.

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5 thoughts on “WN’s Eventually Will Resort to Mass Murder”

  1. Most WN’s don’t favor mass murder. WN is not hardcore; it’s made out to be by Jews. Old White men are hated but age softens men in a lot of ways. Colonial bloodlust died in Whites a long time ago. I’ve seen what modern Whites do in Black majorities. They just leave.

    1. How can you really say WN’s wouldn’t do something crazy when Hitler already proved the point?

      Let’s see. Well, he invaded most of Europe and North Africa including the over-the-top invasion of the Soviet Union in betrayal of an agreement.

      He seemed to be going for the whole pie, honestly!

  2. But the ethical question is, “Is it right to murder other human beings because you think there are too many of them or there could probably be too many of them in the future?” Well, the Abrahamic religions would say no.

    I don’t support cold-blooded murder of human beings. Even if you weren’t following any Abrahamic religion or are an atheist, it’s simply wrong.

    But I don’t have anything against sterilization. You really need to sterilize the human misery in Third World countries. There’s no fault with sterilization; you can’t be more humane than that.

    My logic is simple. If you are not a productive member of the human species, if you’re a low IQ being with no future, then it’s perhaps way better that you don’t pass those genes along. I am not against the state providing you free welfare for your whole life. See, that’s being very generous here.

    But I can’t express these views anywhere without being labeled “genocidal”. I did once on Quora, everyone downvoted my answer, and the moderators deleted it. I was called a “faggy Hitler” for expressing those views.

    Will I hold myself to those same standards? Will I volunteer for sterilization? Maybe if someday I find myself not having self-control anymore. But that’s not how it is. I have plenty of self-control.

    If you’re voluntary not fathering any babies because you think you can’t provide for them, I’ll say you’re a fucking great person. You deserve to have everyone buy you drinks for your self-sacrifice. You’re not a selfish asshole. A selfish asshole fathers little bastards every time he fucks around a bit.

    Am I genocidal for thinking this way? Probably not.

    1. They won’t be able to do it. Even with WN’s controlling the government, I’m sure the Black (and others)’ reaction before being executed would be “Eat shit. lol.”. Also, finally, it would never be possible for Africa en-masse, and that’s the place expected to explode to half the world’s population!

      1. Can you not sympathize with less starvation, less abortions, ect.? You seem like you are so fanatically against anything remotely pro-White, you just want them to be wrong and are rooting for them to fail even if it means the rest of the Earth falls as well. You’ve offered no alternative ideas.

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